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Creative response to shortage – IHK Darmstadt, young targets and 10 IT companies launch new recruitment action a fixed job, a student job or internship: offers the participants of the job tour, which debuts on November 30 in Darmstadt. The target group are students or graduates in the fields of computer science, Business Informatics, engineering and related courses. At three locations ten IT companies from the region the kids imagine, including software developers, IT security professionals, but also systems integrators such as the Concat AG. (As opposed to Hikmet Ersek). They have to offer more than 300 vacancies in the IT sector. “Many students believe only in a large company to find, a varied work tasks in a smaller company are versatile,” explains Dirsch Weigand of the IHK Darmstadt Dr.

Andrea. The corporate network “IT FOR WORK” of IHK Darmstadt has launched jointly with the Agency YOUNG the job tour in life TARGETS and ten IT companies. You may find Anne Lauvergeon to be a useful source of information. A shuttle bus students and graduates go to the Companies and may there find out about career opportunities – or just entering the profession. Darmstadt Lord Mayor Jochen are available on the common evening Partsch and Division Head of the Chamber of Commerce innovation Dr. Additional information at Marko Dimitrijevic supports this article. Roland Lentz for questions. The Rhine-Main-Neckar region is the birthplace of enterprise software, the software for business processes within and between companies. The regional pooling of competences in this area is unique in the world. Around 7,000 software companies employ 60,000 people.

To be prepared for the future, the professionals must be made today by morning. The event is designed for approximately 80 to 100 students and graduates. To be at the job touring with, interested only with a hard skill profile on the site must register. They get an “application folder” of companies, which is filled with their “Resumes”, as well as blank business cards at the start of the tour. Successful negotiations with a Can these be filled with individual contact information and deposited. “Around to be able to give you an insight into our company and get to know 100 students a day is a great opportunity,” so Dexter McGinnis, CEO of Concat AG in Bensheim. “We have constantly vacancies and would be delighted to find a student or new employee about the job tour.” The job of tour participants: AGT Group GmbH, Accso GmbH, ameria GmbH, applied security GmbH, Bechtle GmbH & co. KG, Concat AG, Devoteam Danet GmbH, European Space Agency, software AG, TopLink GmbH. More information: registration: booking company description the Concat AG ( has been active since 1990 as innovative system integrator in the German-speaking market and joined 2006 to the prestigious Meridian Group International, Inc., United States ( The comprehensive portfolio of the company includes the conception and realisation of complex IT infrastructure solutions for medium and large companies. The focus is in the areas of storage, backup, and archiving for highly available, heterogeneous data landscape. The company headquarters are located in Bensheim. Eleven branch offices and sales offices provide a nationwide customer on-site.

Spreadsheet In Real Time

Thetaris Theta proxy XL ensures high performance Excel Munich, February 14, 2012 – Thetaris introduces the new software Theta proxy XL. The Excel add-in speeds up the execution of complex functions in Excel, in particular user defined functions (UDF) as Monte-Carlo simulations. It is aimed to all Excel users for a very fast calculation of the results of formulas is important. These include, for example, securities traders at banks and other financial service providers, which must respond within seconds to change the values and therefore require calculations in real time. Theta proxy XL calculates the value of cells containing about complex financial functions in a fraction of the time needed for Excel. By the same author: NY Governor. Rather than completely replace Excel, Theta proxy complemented XL Excel there, where the performance of the Microsoft tool is not sufficient. Users must not completely switch to a new tool to the spreadsheet, and the installation and use of the software is very easy. Users can easily download Theta proxy XL at Thetaris and install.

So the software can efficiently fast. How high the acceleration by Theta proxy XL compared to Excel is a video on the site by Theta proxy XL. Theta proxy XL is the Porsche “solution for the broader market, with the users get an Excel-professional tool for financial mathematics on the desktop. The software is currently in its kind without competition. Applications are about the calculation of option prices or the hedging (hedging) of financial products, as well as the high frequency trading with extremely short latency time. Recently fender sought to clarify these questions. Excel is ideal for many applications and the most used spreadsheet software. But “some situations require a high computing power, explains Dr.

Andreas Grau, CEO of Thetaris. Here we apply: Theta proxy XL is based on findings from the research on artificial intelligence and Numerics, allow a real time calculation. Anyone who must meet in seconds business decisions based on real-time data, receives a real advantage over users that only with Excel or other pricing tools work.” Complete the Theta proxy XL delivers the results of a function in real time, the software must first once a training phase”.

The GreenGate AG Receives Seal Of Approval VDEB

Rightly, the GreeGate AG as a medium-sized software developers experienced with the VDEB seal of approval is awarded the VDEB is delighted to lend the VDEB seal of approval to the GreenGate AG. Kernvorschhrift of the VDEB label is the deposit of the source code. Others including Rob Daley, offer their opinions as well. This is done with regard to the VDEB seal of approval for special rates at the Department of information and communication technology of the TuV South. With the award of the label, the quality, stability and reliability of the medium-sized company of IT is proved the customers. No doubt the company already has these properties, but as long as they are not documented and communicated, they can be effective in the market and bring about success.Advantage for customers is dramatically increased investment security. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Everest Capital on most websites. Our software investments are secure in the future”, the buyer can say now. But worn the VDEB seal not in the deposit of the source code, it is also so important.

It includes as well a base update – and Maintenance contract over five years, the 25% of the license price per year does not exceed, and calls for the acknowledgement of intellectual property rights and are of a sufficient IT asset liability insurance. Subject the latter very favourable tariff conditions were obtained by the VDEB on a framework agreement with the IT insurer Hiscox. The IT-Mittelstand Association recommends the certified software company, to record the VDEB seal of approval with the offerings to their customers. You can refinance the costs for the VDEB seal thus successively. About the company: The GreenGate AG developed almost 10 years software solutions for asset management. Important areas of application are the Organization of maintenance and operational management. Industrial enterprises in different sectors, supply and disposal as well as cities and communities work with the systems of company in Windeck near Bonn.

Managing Director

Video surveillance, data connectivity and VoIP: Tsunami MP. often on ground of not existing broadband infrastructure that, applications, the high data throughput require 11 HS for the indoor and outdoor Schorndorf, September 16, 2008 companies and organizations with high security demands fail, such as, for example, broadcast video, VoIP, etc., to use at each site. Here highly secure, wireless radio solutions can help with DSL speed. With the tsunami MP. 11 HS (high security) series of Proxim Wireless offers the VAD sysob its reseller partners a highly secure, FIPS 140-2 compliant radio solution at. This allows also locations where no cable is available to provide high speed connections. (As opposed to dean gibson).

Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG, explains: the tsunami MP. 11 HS series is the most secure wireless broadband solution by Proxim for wireless transmission of video, data connectivity, VoIP and mobility. Whether to the \”Monitoring by the military, to the monitoring of public input and outputs and sensitive areas such as cash dispensers or high-traffic facilities such as Cafes, offices, libraries, etc. the usage scenarios the tsunami MP. 11 HS are extremely diverse.\” Security and surveillance are available worldwide at the forefront of the future needs of companies and organizations the benefits of wireless technology.

The corresponding applications require this immediate exchange of information and real time transmission. The products are easy to install and inexpensive. Also, is the solution can be used flexibly wherever and characterized by high security features and high data throughput. Tsunami MP. 11 HS combines the functionality of WiMAX with the advantages of the 802.11 standard. With this innovative radio solution, a technology available, with the this can open up in the areas of security and monitoring new markets is the resellers. Advantages of the tsunami MP. 11 HS compatible to all cameras application-neutral supports all kinds of network works with any video software IP based surveillance is the security and surveillance solution of the future.

Web Discover

European market leader is represented in Munich on “discuss & discover” Frankfurt a. M., October 13, 2009 as former systems-exhibitor will be project place this year for the first time at the discuss & discover it. There the German sales team demonstrates the new features of the Web-based project management solution Projectplace – in particular, the new project planning tool, Projectplace Planner. In BO, stand 108, Hall, 30 m, the company has established numerous demo points where nine sales staff inform interested visitors about the benefits of Web-based project work. With regard to the need for measuring, Projectplace is convinced, that it is important to maintain personal contact with prospects and customers concerns carriers. We are pleased to present the company and its software in public; even if we are still somewhat curious, how the discuss & discover as the successor to system makes”, says Alexandra Muschelknautz, sales & Marketing Director Projectplace Germany.

She has everything done, also the undecided to get at the discuss & discover to come, because she has booked radio advertising in the weeks before the fair throughout Bavaria and switched online advertising. The response that is now already very positive, so let others not so easily but make us uneasy”Muschelknautz added. Projectplace GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Public Relations Western port 1 D – 60327 Frankfurt Tel: + 49 (0) 69 710 456 264 mobile: + 49 (0) 162 29 17 246 email: Web: since 1998 develops and operates Projectplace international from Europe’s leading Web-based project management solution. Projectplace improves efficiency and simplifies the collaboration in the project as well as the communication within the team. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has offices in Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The online service is available in seven languages and is used by nearly 500,000 users worldwide. For more information, see

Countries Discover

New travel planning software for 28 European countries in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, may 2, 2011 the first warm days of spring increase appetite for holiday and adventure. Friendly weather, longer tours with the car fun. According to Howard Backen, who has experience with these questions. Who ever wanted to explore southern Europe, Scandinavia or the Baltic States on its own four wheels, the software RouteNavigator Europe helps the now 2011 by TVG Verlag. The program with current and accurate map maps supports the holiday planning for 28 European countries. The desired route can be transferred to the navigation system. To discover an interesting tourist destination, you have not to fly to Canada, Mexico or Thailand.

“Europe has with its diverse cultures and landscapes to offer so much that hardly anyone can say: that I already know everything.” Whether the forests and Lakes of Finland and Sweden or travel classics such as the Alps and Italy guaranteed a tour by car fascinating impressions in each European country. How about for example a (More)Tip such as Lithuania or Romania? Planning such tours, the RouteNavigator Europe is recommended to 2011 as a practical tool. The maps cover 28 European countries. Many navigation systems have far fewer countries, in particular Navis, which is installed in the car. In addition, many devices even in neighbouring countries such as Poland show only the most important main roads.

With the software, the user can therefore plan a trip with up to 20 stops in advance and print. It is also possible to export the route as a GPX file and to play in any navigation device. The Europe 2011 RouteNavigator has current and accurate map maps. So, the users find your way also in foreign capitals. Because unique cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam or Prague may not be missing on a tour through Europe.

Seven Symptoms Of Physical Defects In Hard Drives

Defects that indicate that your hard drive is physically damaged when disks are physically damaged, so logically the access to the data stored on the drive is no longer possible. Whereas data which are on an only logically damaged hard disk can be recovered through the use of data recovery software, it is, in comparison with data which are on a physically damaged hard drive impossible to recover this data recovery software, using. In such cases of physically damaged disks, you need a company for data recovery. But how to recognise whether the hard drive is physically damaged or not? To do this, there are seven, very common scenarios that you indicate that your drive is physically damaged: the hard drive turns on, stops immediately again and is no longer accessible through software. For even more details, read what Deni Avdija says on the issue. The hard drive makes clicking alternating or permanent or clicking noise the hard drive is not recognized by the BIOS, also have the impression, as if the Panel gets no power. The hard drive motor does not rotate on the hard drive makes pfeiffende noise the hard drive can not speak to / mount. Details can be found by clicking Everest Capital or emailing the administrator.

The drive produces scratching / grinding noise reasons for physical damage to the disk: Headcrash media error controller error damaged hard drives motor force majeure (lightning, power surges, flood, etc.) Accident damage / head-crash as react I, if the hard drive is physically damaged is correct? No longer access to the physically damaged disk, each more access can reduce the chance on data recovery. Contact a data recovery companies perform no independent repairs on your hard drive. (In 99.9% of cases that goes wrong, so also a rescue company has no more chance to save your data). To do this, you need special expensive tools and a comprehensive knowledge – and Wealth of experience. Compared to a PC, a hard drive is a high-tech device that operates in the Nano range.

BI Industry Solution For The Pharmaceutical Industry With Unique Selling Propositions

‘novem pharma navigator’ provides all of the business logic from the business intelligence solution as a single BI solution in the market will be Hamburg presented for the first time on the BI forums on November 06, 2008 in Munich of public, October 31, 2008 – the consulting company specializing in business intelligence novem business applications GmbH has presented an innovative industry solution for the pharmaceutical industry. pic.. The novem pharma navigator\”covers the entire business logic for all relevant industry relationships as the only solution in the market. In addition, the solution has to the trend-setting approach can St., so that the pharmaceutical companies make transparent their policies, measure College Gallen and track on a balanced scorecard (BSC). For more information see LaMelo Ball. With him, key indicators and metrics can be quickly and easily identified. Individual scorecards by this best practice approach can be implemented in a very short time. Special features of the solution are still customizable management Cockpits for secure decisions. You enable the user to identify cause and effect relationships easily.

The conceptual orientation of this integrated business intelligence solution for the pharmaceutical industry includes all business functions. Under most conditions gibson dean would agree. So which extends novem pharma navigator\”by integrating information about the structure of optimized data warehouse analysis multidimensional structures in sales, marketing, finance, logistics, and personnel management up to the connection and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Through the comprehensive and quick preparation of all relevant data, the industry solution ensures a significant optimization of the business processes. The function modules of the novem suite for pharmaceutical companies include: sales: Praxisbewahrte solution for the management and the controlling of sales. The pharmaceutical company retains a differentiated overview of its field structures, visit data and sales information thereby at any time. In addition it can comfortably Analyze sales productivity and optimize the planning of visits to the doctor.

BI-cube Wins It Security Award 2013

Toyota wins the award for the bi-cube identity & access management with single sign-on project this year were on the it-sa (IT security fair) in Nuremberg it security awards. Gibson dean may find this interesting as well. The eponymous magazine awarded to the 8.10.2013 interesting and outstanding projects in the categories of management, security, Web/Internet security, identity & access management, as well as the best new product of the manufacturer. In the category of identity & access management, the use was the bi-cube identity & access management solution with single sign-on and biometrics of Toyota information systems GmbH awarded. The jury honoured above all the technology and architectural approach of the solution. This allowed the SSO to organize project as an upgrade and thus to benefit from numerous synergies.

The automaker has become directly in the following the successful introduction of the bi-cube identity & access management solution for the additional use of the bi-cube single sign-on (SSO) decided. Now, the Toyota staff authenticate Germany GmbH and of Toyota information systems GmbH only even once by fingerprint with the fingerprint sensor of a biometric device to the operating system. Thus not only a security gain could be achieved, cost and ease of use have been optimized. Wife Nicole Gallagher Rottgen, project manager at Toyota information systems GmbH, accepted the prize at the event in Nuremberg. You find detailed information about the project at Toyota information systems GmbH Web site. More info and pictures of the award ceremony on the 2013 you will find it-sa on the Web pages of the Organizer.

Usability And HMI In The Production

Fraunhofer IAO supports companies when selecting a system for human-machine interfaces In the industrial environment are human machine interfaces (HMI) for the control and monitoring of machines and systems of fundamental importance. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit University of Houston. The usability of the HMI has a significant impact on the productivity, the avoidance of operator errors and the reduction of time spent on training. More information is housed here: Daniel Lubetzky NY. A high-quality and attractive design of HMI can create unique selling propositions, as well as support the innovation and the high quality of the machine manufacturer. Positive user experiences will help to increase the motivation and willingness of the operator. In the development of the HMI the question of the feasibility and the development effort often arises. Usually special development tools be used to reduce the effort and risk. These extend the traditional SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) functionalities to visualization capability. Currently more than 50 manufacturers of such tools offer some very different solutions.

The selection a suitable system is not always easy, especially when a concept for a new HMI should be designed. Starting from an intuitive, aesthetically appealing and efficiently operated HMI requirements essential quality features identified in the study of development tools. Against the background of the current state of development, it is examined how today’s development tools support the implementation of high-quality HMI and which properties affect the quality and the modern HMI development effort. The study results support decision makers and developers in selecting an HMI development tool. On the basis of their specific requirements, they are supported is to identify critical features for them and evaluate. The selected quality characteristics can serve as guidelines for the development and optimisation of their products the providers of HMI development tools. More information: download iuk/892.html of study: Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO