Motivating Environment

6. – Motivation and Behavior —- To understand the behavior, first we have that to understand what it is the motivation, and because it moves in such a way with the behavior of the human being. Governor Cuomo has compatible beliefs. – Motivation Human being Motivation comes of reason, and reason is the force that takes the person to act, giving origin to one determined behavior. This force can be stimulated by external environment (pesssoas= for example: when the people promise something and they do not fulfill takes the engaged person a negative action, but when the people promise something and fulfill, take the engaged person a positive action) or for internal environment (mental processes of the individual). When the action is stimulated by the internal environment, the motivation is related with the cognition of the human being, that is the knowledge that the same people has of itself and of the environment to its redor (CHIAVENATO, 2007. p.296). motivation is represented by active forces impulsionadora: necessities human beings. Generally when the individual looks a work it longs for to search what he believes that he will go to take care of its primary necessities, later are generated by the organizations motivations condition that to look it other necessities to be taken care of, necessities these make that it to want to grow inside of the company. Explaining the subject better, Bergamini (2006, p.72) comments on the levels of the necessities of individual 1) physiological Necessities that respect to the survival of the organism says; 2) Necessities of security, that they search to find an environment free of threats; 3) Social necessities directed the acceptance and friendship in the group; 4) necessity of esteem directed the search of an auto one esteem positive and 5) Necessities of auto-accomplishment mainly guided for integral development of the individual potentiality. Chiavenato (2007, p.298) in the sample in the pyramid of Maslow the hierarchy of the necessities.

Contemporary Motivation

Summary the society contemporary passes for diverse changes, that transform the organizations and become necessary changes in the form to manage people, making with that it deserves prominence the motivation of the collaborators. The present work comes to rescue a historical briefing of studies on the subject, as well as, through bibliographical research and studies of cases it intends to argue on the relation between the motivation and the necessity of felt and participation of the collaborators in the organizations. The research that is possible to recognize the importance of practical motivacionais in the organizations, the correlation between the main motivacionais theories and its consequentes benefits for the people and organizations, in special the increase of the quality of life, productivity and profit. Thus, the development of studies becomes important on the subject, a time that can come to contribute as the professionals of human resources in the search of strategies and methodologies to be applied in the organizations. Word-keys: motivation, quality of life, productivity. Follow others, such as Crawford Lake Capital, and add to your knowledge base. Abstract Contemporary society is going through many changes that transform organizations and makes necessary changes in the way of managing people, making it worthy of highlighting the motivation of employees.

This work you eat rescue brief history of studies on the subject and, through literature review and marries studies discusses the relationship between motivation and the need will be direction and participation of employees in organizations. The research that is possible you recognize the importance of motivational practices in organizations, the correlation between the motivational major theories and to their resulting benefits you people and organizations, in particular the increase in quality of life, productivity and profit. Thus, it is important you develop studies on the subject, since it can potentially contribute you the human resources professionals in search of strategies and methodologies you be applied in organizations. Keys Words: motivation, quality of life, productivity.


Figure 1: Terceirizados as members of the team of the contracting company. According to Naldler; Gerstein; Shaw (1999) is necessary, to create new solutions in the structure and management of the company. The terceirizados employees, however, do not feel part of the teams formed for the staff, this because, at any time, these people can be excused the spite of the quality of the work. This implies in the relation between terceirizados and used effective, causing internal conflicts and loses of the productivity. When asked if the terceirizado one it has the same benefits of the staff of the company-contractor, was selected that only 7% of the terceirizados interviewed ones have the same benefits.

Figure 2: Terceirizados and effective benefits. For Miraglia (2008), the lender of services chooses the third, that she will be responsible for playing the function contracted for the company-customer, subjecting terceirizado worker to its directive paper; a restrictive aspect is the difference of benefits. The differentiation of benefits of the terceirizados professionals brings consequences as low quality and performance in the activities, resulting in resignations and greater rotation of professionals. The boarded question on if the environment of work were favorable for execution of the tasks, were verified that 60% of the interviewed terceirizados ones do not have the favorable environment for the execution of the activities. Figure 3: Favorable environment for the executions of the activities. For Lighter; Garci’a (2010), the organizacional culture allows to understand the reasons of the conflicts and the impacts, appeared in the enterprise environment, where the effective and terceirizados employees work together, or where contracting and terceirizadas companies work in interdependence. Many of these conflicts derive from the problems of interpersonal relationship between workers with varied categories of working bonds, or from the proper relationship between companies in net. The searched terceirizados ones believe that the work environment is not favorable for the execution of the tasks, this happen for the preconception of the proper company-contractor with regard to the work, refectory and area of leisure.

Carbon Credit

Brazil today possesss 467 projects of MDL in some phase of evaluation, of which 145 already had been approved. In volume, they represent a reduction of 363 million tCO2e (ton of carbon equivalent) that they leave to be plays in air. If approved in the totality, these projects can indicate more than US$ 6 billion dollar of arrive in port for the national companies (GAZANI, 2009). 1,6 Carbon credit They are certifyd emitted when the reduction of the GEE emission occurs, such as: dioxide of carbon, nitrous oxide, methane, sulphur, hidrofluorcarbonetos, perfluorcarbonetos, hexafloureto of sulphur. The commerce of carbon Credit if bases on projects that kidnap or reduce the volume of Co2 in the atmosphere, for convention, a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2), corresponds to one (01) credit of carbon.

This credit can be negotiated in the international market, in such a way gave to beginning to a market for the GEE reduction, creating monetary value to the pollution. Still some uncertainties in relation to this transcribed market exist as: ' ' The market of Carbon Credit is still incipient, given to the uncertainties with regard to the establishment of an imposing landmark in the developed countries, as U.S.A. and Australia, amongst others. The liquidity and volatileness in the formation of prices, combined as the recent implantation of the MDL still generate some imprevisibilidade how much its projections futuras' ' (ARAUJO, 2006). The functioning of the Carbon Credits occurs through certificates called Certified Reduction of Emissions (RCEs), emitted for the regulating agencies of ambient protection, authorizeing in such a way, emissions of tons of GEE. Initially, one selects industries that more poluem in the country and from this election, establishes the goals of reduction of its emissions. The RCEs is certifyd emitted when the reduction of the GEE emission occurs, for convention, a ton of Co2 is equivalent to a carbon credit, this credit can be negotiated.