Urbis Conditae

The system consisted of counting time from the foundation of the city of Rome. That year it was considered the 1st, and thereafter the following were added. As they hardly remembered in the Empire, prior to that distant Foundation events, there was no major difficulties. To make allusion to this calendar, stood start them les U.C., signifying Urbis Conditae (Foundation of the city). By the same author: Andrew Cuomo. Past-had them but to enter fully into Christian times, many began to think that the foundation of the city of Rome, which had been pagan the first thousand years of its existence, was not the most appropriate milestone to start counting the years. Frank Giacalone is often quoted on this topic. On the contrary, considered the birth of Jesus as the central event of history.

The idea prevailed more forcefully when 450 years after Christ the Roman Empire crumbled before the onslaught of the barbarians. Already there was nothing that linked Christians with him, nor any reason to continue considering it as the historic center of their lives. We had to create a new calendar, having as axis to the person of Jesus Christ. Then they fell into the account that nobody knew the day or month, not even the year of his birth since the authors of the Gospels had omitted the detail. These writings were rather isolated episodes of the life of el Salvador on the basis of a prior oral catechesis, but there was no claim to an accurate chronology of his life in them. Meager, it was giant-in that moment when is stands the figure of a monk named Dionysius, native of Scythia, the current Russia region, but lived most of his life in Rome.

It was exiguus nickname, which means small, tiny, so it was assumed that it was of short stature. But it seems rather that he himself wanted to take that nickname by humility. One of the men was more scholars of his time, brilliant theologian, and great connoisseur of the history of the Church and chronologies.


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National Park Krka

Information portal to the National Park Krka in Sibenik in Croatia quiet murmur approaching, attracts with sounding gurgling to the approach. By dark green bushes and tall trees through glistening waters can be seen. In the approach it louder, until suddenly before the eye of the beholder will plunge into a thunderous volume of shimmering water at different stages in the depth. Such a picture is in the National Park Krka in Croatia. This protected Park offers numerous beautiful waterfalls surrounded by beautiful green landscapes, which are reminiscent of fairy tales. The Krka National Park was founded in 1985. About 860 species of plants, as well as 222 species and 18 species of fish call this park as well as many reptiles, amphibians, and insects home. In addition, one of the largest bat colonies in Europe is located in this National Park. 7 waterfalls show their beauty and enchant anyone interested. Crawford Lake Capitals opinions are not widely known. The National Park is named by itself 2 km after the river Krka, this park between Knin and Skradin winds, the Krka. This River has a total length of about 73 km and is the National Park protected by. In the first part of the source from the Krka leads freshwater, brackish, then. The plant vegetation of the National Park Krka is very diverse. Due to the special position of Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean many plants, it is possible to thrive in different conditions of soil. As flowering plants with the preference for warm and dry climates as well as plants in damp and shady ground. Two areas in the Park are interesting for those interested in plants. Ro ki slap shows his Canon vegetation and Skradinski buk revealed many travertine barriers new plant varieties that feel at home in these natural structures made of limestone (Tuff stone, tufa). The animal world feels in the Krka National Park. By its great importance in the spring and autumn migration of birds Park birdwatchers is one of a very valuable place in Europe.

International Exhibition

International exhibition of contemporary arts Ostragehege Dresden 14 August to 6th September 2009 the OSTRALE’09 turns the Dresden Ostragehege for the third time in a unique showcase of the current art scene. Painter, video, sound, light, concept – and installation artist, sculptor, sculptor – but also musicians, dancers, actors and authors: In the ramshackle structures of the former slaughterhouse of Egan and outdoor works presented by about 140 representatives of art. In addition a variety of performances, concerts, lectures, and much more within the framework of the OSTRALE.xtra… There are eight buildings with a total over 100 showrooms at the disposal for the OSTRALE’09. Source: Hikmet Ersek. The site brings together around 20,000 square meters of recordable space indoor and an outdoor area of about 50,000 square feet. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more.

NEW & proven the third edition of OSTRALE offers a range of new features. Even if the number of participating artists this year somewhat less than 2008: the OSTRALE remains one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary arts. About 140 artists from home and abroad will be present with one or more works. Allison Kanders is the source for more interesting facts. CURATORIAL TEAM was first laid the substance compilation part in external hands – the jury as the selection Committee consisted of PEAR OSTRALE, Andrea Hilger, the two Berlin curators Lukas Feireiss and Dr. Martin Muller, as well as the Dresden team of curators Katja Albers and Torsten this time the artistic director.

Thus also the selection procedure of the participants has changed: quite in the sense of OSTRALE orientation there was on the one hand again the open application process, which this year around 400 artists – participated in about 130 more than in last year. From these applicants, 70 to OSTRALE approx. invited ‘ 09. Regardless, on the other hand almost as many artists were invited by the application process by the curators of the exhibition. ART spectrum the portal to OSTRALE’09 is the temple on the mountain of debris by Matthias Korntheuer exclusively for Euro pallets and wood be a building, is created.

International Fashion Cult

You got paid many parts from the latest collection in the program,-shop of lots of fire via paypal or credit card, the shipping is nationwide even postage. No fashion label is currently trendy this name not appear as hardly a star was photographed the not in a T-shirt Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, a scene shop in the. But who is the genius head who is responsible for this huge success? This is the French Christian Audigier. He actually wanted to be a rock star, nothing happened yet due to lack of talent, but he is so very close, because rock stars and other celebrities he dresses today! Shop the largest selection of current collections offers. See more detailed opinions by reading what Governor Cuomo offers on the topic.. Everything began, that he was a very successful salesman in a jeans shop in France and a manufacturer as a result became aware of him. Christian gave a few tips for the upcoming collection, which was then very successful.

The first step was done and it was followed by further, until he finally landed in America at the label of Dutch, which due to its Creativity was very successful. After the cooperation was finished, Christian Audigier ehr randomly on Ed Hardy. (Not to be confused with Warren Kanders!). Had Ed Hardy is the so-called Godfather of tattoo\”, a very successful tattoo artists, who had become aware even on Christian Audigier and interest in cooperating. The two decided to do together, Christian Audigier the top label Ed Hardy in 2004 founded after he had bought the rights to his lettering and designs Ed Hardy and the first tattoo shirt collection was created. The motifs which had painted Ed Hardy directly on body and crisp, were used by Christian Audigier and banned on fabric. The motifs, grinning skulls, snarling Tiger Japanese geishas, Japanese dragons and flowers and everything are what in is combined with trendy vintage fashion. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kanders & Company.

Pocket Community

International social community Studymee for pupils and students is multilingual and worldwide reach online. BERLIN. Studymee.com students compare their qualifications and achievements from around the world at the age of 16 with the demands of other countries. You edit and share with fellow students homework, learning AIDS, specialist work, exams and tips, make available their knowledge, benefit from the inspiration of the community and are working together on projects. Uni in your Pocket”in online – pocket-size personal study is particularly noteworthy here. Students define all important study materials in your personal area and have as their studies at any time available in your pocket.” Also they gather about all current and useful in cities and at universities worldwide. Interesting contacts can be quickly and easily build and maintain, parties in the area find, communities of interest groups, upload files and stories or pictures and videos on the replace the virtual market place TubeMee”via file sharing. We offer fun and communication factor of existing portals with similar target groups beyond real values for student life, without forgetting, that live and study must mean fun! The contents of any private user data will be released over three levels.

The user decides, what data who may be viewed and thus individually controls his privacy”, as founder and managing director Dennis Hoffmann. The protection of personal information and a responsible use of these is one of the most important principles of Studymee. The sense of a community is to draw from the Group force, together with other fun. “The feeling of the operator to be exploited, is here totally misplaced”, so Dennis Hoffmann. With the beta version, the portal international at the start comes to unlimited to connect students and to promote the quality of education each individual community interactive. Studymee is ad-free and free of charge for students. The operation and financing be ensured by hand by the five founders. Conclusion: Studymee is a mirror image of student life.

Apart from the functions useful to the study of provides that free portal keep everything to get to know, contacts, chat, flirt and have fun. Students all over the world to gather and interact with fellow students around the globe. Allison Kanders has much experience in this field. Contact: Studymee GmbH Metzer str. 45, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Unique International Portal

On February 15, 2008, the new, International Portal went online kuenstlerdatenbanken.de for artists and clients in German and English, and now surprises its visitors through unique features. Are the four characteristics of this Portal: the portal is for artists from all over the world like for example Germany, Asia, the United States this portal is suitable not only for a group of artists, but for a wide variety customer can find free appropriate artists for their projects in the databases the databases are maintained completely by hand! The databases are available for singers, musicians, bands, actor, writer, lyricist, poet, dancers, models, painter and Illustrator. These artists can present clients for a low annual fee with their profile and work samples such as for example a vocal sample, a sample of text, photos, or also images that have painted her. Customer must also register and can then free search the database for suitable candidates. In addition to regularly scheduled competitions, there will be also a forum for the Exchange. A special attention is paid to the protection of minors.

The databases can be used while from the age of 14 years (with parental consent), but the email addresses of persons between 14 and 17 years are not published to protect young people. Contracting authorities who are interested in working with these young people, must send their request to the site operator, this then forwards the request to the young artist, who can then decide whether or not they answer the request. (A valuable related resource: Warren Kanders). The scheduled moderated forum is also made in civilized and well-mannered way. Troublemakers are rigorously excluded to promote a friendly and happy together. Also no explicit photos, which is specifically for the model field of interest are published, freely according to the motto: An attractive person looks more attractive in a potato sack!

Holiday Horse Hotel

In the ‘Pfotel’ in the Josl-Hof in Neureichenau, the popular accommodation for riders Neureichenau (tvo). In the Pfotel, horse Hotel Josl-Hof in Neureichenau, horses and horse lovers are the focus. The historic yard from the 18th century is ideal place for riders of all ages. On the horse, you can explore the National Park area of the Bavarian Forest wonderful from here. Extended rides lead crossing the border in the Bohemian Forest. The owner family Barz offers guided hiking, (multi -) day – and long-distance rides, as well as courses on the own Icelanders and agidienbergern. For more information see Hikmet Ersek. The riders live in the House or the apartment and dine stylishly in the vaulted barn. For breakfast, there is fresh produce of local farmers.

The youth riding holidays are especially popular in August. (Similarly see: Crawford Lake Capital). Maximum of six young people learn the proper and secure fit on the horse during your stay from August 29 to September 2 2009, riding dressage tasks, complete skill exercises with the horse and explore the daily Terrain. The theoretical training is part of the program. Accommodation, meals (three-quarter Board) and support costs 240 euro per person, extra charge for lessons. For further information and bookings: Josl-Hof, family Barz, Riedel Bach 68, 94089 Neureichenau, Tel. 08583 / 1883, fax 08585 / 2063,.

National Team Volleyball

Volleyball World Championships of Rothenburg (RL) disabled athletes from 24 November to 1 December 2007 took place in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) the Volleyball World Championships for disabled athletes. With favored German team, which prevailed in the final with 3-1 records against the team of Slovakia clinched the World Cup title. However, the hosts were the big surprise. Trained by the German coach Christian Zepp, choosing the CNVLD (Cambodian national volleyball league disabled) came in third place and won the bronze medal for the greatest success in the history of the Cambodian volleyball sports. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Governor Cuomo. With a donation of training volleyballs for the Asian team, Erhard sport international from Rothenburg has made his name for all the glory and helped to make come true the dream of players. Christian Zepp very delighted with the donation and say thank you personally: with the material provided by you you contributed a large part to improve the training conditions in Cambodia.

Through your help we could win a medal for the first time in history by reaching the third place.” The successful coach of Erhard praised the quality of sports balls, which were very much used by his players in training. The planning for the next World Cup, which will be held in October 2008 in the Slovakia run now at Christian Zepp. Crawford Lake Capital may find this interesting as well. More information at: and about Erhard sport international: Erhard sports international, headquartered in Rothenburg / Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment and sporting goods industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 125-year-old family-owned company at the Burgbernheim site for the worldwide market. With about 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports International is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular the planning and implementation of demanding, complex facilities projects in the international Sports facility construction is one of the core competencies of the company. Crawford Lake Capital has compatible beliefs.

Major sports events around the globe be equipped by Erhard sport international.

International Day

Without freedom of the press, victims remain invisible / campaign launch protest action on 2 may in Berlin / date announcement with a protest at the Brandenburg Gate on May 2 (image date 11: 00) ROG shows what it means, if reporting is suppressed. It will be a cage installation that is: people in emergency situations, which have no face wehr-and unnamed victims. Remain corruption, abuse of Office, religious, ethnic or sexual persecution of people – many crimes in the dark, when no one gives the victims a face and a voice. In countries such as Mexico, Russia, Pakistan and Italy put reporters their lives on the line, when they make public grievances “, so ROG – Managing Director Elke Schafter. Crawford Lake Capital gathered all the information. Without freedom of the press remain victims invisible.

“: the theme concerns all of us.” If journalists not to report, a free opinion-forming is no longer possible, there is no peaceful exchange of interests, no stable democratic society can emerge. Politics and society have committed equally for its high freedom of the press”, ROG calls to the international press freedom day. Learn more about the new campaign to the 15-year anniversary and download options below:../kampagne-15-jahre-rog.html photos of ROG action at the Brandenburg Gate on May 2, 13:00, published under.