Hamburg Account

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When the same accountant examines the "Consultant Plus" – he was busy janitorial work. If the IT specialist diagnoses the incident – he performs productive work, when exploring new equipment – Relief. Classification of works by one expert (line manager) at the implementation stage of Hamburg Account. As an indicator of workload of staff, we offer use a set of metrics, "Efficient Load" (the share of productive work in total work performed). Obviously, for workers and regimented, "creative" work load should be measured effective differently. But most importantly, in both cases it is measured automatically using SelfTrace.

However, when assessing the workload of employees of regulated labor program works in the "Automatic Timing"; when assessing the workload of employees 'creative' work mode is "Samohronometrazh." Learn more about these modes can be found here: Information on effective load in different contexts (for employees departments, projects, business processes, etc.) is automatically recorded in the database. With the help of special tools that are part of the Hamburg accounts, this information is statistically treated and presented in convenient for analysis. One of these concepts is to display graphs of effective load tied to a single timeline, see Figure 1. Thus, the definition of "bottlenecks" and inefficient use of resources becomes a purely technical problem. "Partitioning" performance "Partitioning" performance – the definition of fair value of planned performance (threshold, the Plan, Call).

Recall that the planned values used in calculating the average values of efficiency. On how to correct this problem will be solved to a large extent on the success of the introduction of management by KPI. Using the Hamburg Account allows you to solve this problem by rationing of labor. Consider a simple example. Specialist Services is engaged in telemarketing business meetings with potential clients. One of the performance of his work is the number of appointments. Objective: To determine the fair value of plan (Threshold, the Plan, call) indicator "number of appointments." Consider one of the possible algorithms for solving this problem (they may differ): Define a list of activities classified as productive (effective) potential customers search the Internet, phone calls, correspondence, telephone negotiations, etc. (Optional) Develop expertise to assess the effectiveness of working time in carrying out these works, as well as the expertise to assess the validity of the results of timing. Develop Examinations are usually not too difficult. In this case nothing but common sense is not representative for trebuetsya.V time period (eg quarter) weekly measure, first, the number of designated meetings, and secondly, the values of effective load. The measurement results represent in tabular form. The values of the effective load for each period recorded in the table under avtomaticheski.Na information received is calculated: the mean significant time spent on organizing a meeting, the minimum significant time, the maximum significant time, percentile 75%> (dropped 25% highest values) percentile 75% Having a reliable statistical estimates of time spent on the appointment of a single meeting, as well as knowing the proportion of working time, which should occur in the execution of the business functions (search potential customers), the determination of fair values of the efficiency plan (Threshold, the Plan Challenge) becomes a purely technical problem. A similar technique can be used for the diagnosis of failure to achieve HR planning performance indicators.

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Business Intuition

Dec 26 2016 Published by under General

Where are the entrepreneurs? Quite often, a business inherited from his parents. In other cases, life brings you to the people who offer themselves to you engage them in proportion. And there are those times when you simply head falls off ready-made business and your duty is only to maintain and develop it. For more information see this site: James Woolsey. In life there are any. But in this article we will consider this option when your parents never doing business and has always employed. Accordingly, the only thing they can do for you, so it does not bother you to build your business.

And friends besides you enterprising either. James Woolsey follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. And the business on its head like you've never will not fall. This article is for those who are the typical office worker who works five days a week from 9:00 to 18:00, every month goes to the accounting department to receive their wages once a year at best, goes to rest in Egypt or Turkey, and at night, secretly dreaming of his home, a comfortable car, travel, free schedule and more about the many pleasant and inviting the soul and consciousness of things. Just want to note that those successful entrepreneurs who "Lucky" to get business by inheritance or they were on time in the right place – not lucky, that you should be jealous. These entrepreneurs are also ordinary people like you and me. But they are distinguished by one thing – positive attitude, the right belief and faith in himself. And on their thinking and positive thoughts attract into their lives the right events and people. Such thinking is difficult, but possible to learn almost every one of you.

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Innovative Technologies

Dec 11 2016 Published by under General

And how much free air? .. Try to answer yourself. "Yeah …" I think, "There's a" Microsoft "… The idea is uniquely brilliant! Ecology is deteriorating every day, and, accordingly, demand for this technique increases every day. " I asked him: "Man !…( way uncle was a nuclear physicist, a very competent) In a nutshell, tell me the functional appointment and markets these devices? ". He replied: "These devices are able to restore and maintain the parameters of air, as close to natural, in virtually any room within 24 hours. Period operation about 15 years..

" Short and sweet. I say "Got it! Thank you, "I am firmly resolved – is – me! I appeal to him, "Mr Miller! (By that time I already admired him) Let's get the economy ?… Says: "Return to 50% of the product. (I think to myself – Excellent 50% – a good margin!). " I asked, "What kind of company, how stable? (Because I'm alone and the seller never liked the production, as for me – so pure pain in the ass … A lot of people, lots of problems .. Read more here: Hamdi Ulukaya refugees. Held hostage ..). He replied: "The company in the market for 20 years.

Continually investing in innovative technologies, 1 in its segment and is inaccessible to competitors, due to new technologies. ". I think, "Well sure" Microsoft ", but in clean the air! .. That brought up !!!. I asked, "How to start a business with this company, I'm ready!" He replied: "Take your time …

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Farm Expansion

Apr 06 2016 Published by under General

Crop Whisperer Ribbon will be achieved as soon as we can fertilise the neighbouring farms, so how many more neighboring farms can fertilize better will be, so we can generate more points. Also, the company creator of this game Zynga is making updates and changes that will give us new benefits related to our neighbouring farmville. For example, it is the chance to send special gifts to our neighbors who are a part of tricks from friends of the farm. If you go to virtual farms of your neighbors can look on the left side of your screen you will find a special gift box called special gifts. When you pass the mouse over this button that looks like a package just gift you’ll see it has the inscription that invites you to send gifts to your friends who are in need of it.

When you click on this small box you will be prompted to send a message directly to the wall of our contact from Facebook, which is ready to be sent but not actually sent still in farmville. So, your neighbors may choose any of the gifts that they are in need of at the moment: it’s an ingenious gameplay innovation and that undoubtedly will have great acceptance in the community of players of farmville. To conclude with neighbouring farmville item, if you are just starting in this fantastic world and want to get a large number of neighbors, you have to know a very important fact, and that should be mentioned: is necessary so that your friends can accept you as a neighbor in the game and you can do the same with them in virtual farmsfirst must be accepted on Facebook, contacts that surely will affect your own profile private social network, issue to see how easily resolved here. You can try as an alternative solution, create a new list of friends on Facebook where you can include your new contacts will be your neighbors in farmville, to whom you will have separated from everyone else to not generate confusion, since in many cases you will have to accept as friends that don’t know and people might not want to have within your social network Facebook to not reveal private data. Once this list can give different permissions on the section of the privacy settings, located under the configuration option in Facebook, and for example if you want new contacts do not have access to your photo albums the put as an exception in the new list created. With these tricks you can get everything what you want keep aside and protected in what private data concerned, you can do so without problems. Knowing this because you can get in campaign to get more friends so that they form part of your farmville neighbourhood. You can also get these two Facebook applications specifically designed for these tasks, which are Farm Expansion and Farmville Neighbour Finder. If you need more neighbors on Farmville I invite you to visit for more tips and guides.

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E-books As A Means Of Enrichment

Mar 17 2016 Published by under General

E-book, what is it? E-book can rightly be considered the best digital products, and superior on almost all indicators of an ordinary book. First, e-books on a lot cheaper, as a buyer no longer have to pay the costs of paper, cover and shipping. Second, e-books that exist in a single copy can be sold many times as desired. Third, the delivery of the book takes place through the network Internet, which again reduces costs compared to printed books. Here are two types of electronic books that are most common on the Internet. The first type – text book, compiled from a text document and have PDF.

extension. If you book several hundred pages of text, then you will need to compile your book in PDF format. To read these books must have the program Acrobat Reader. The second type – HTML-compiled. Books created using the language of HTML, the language which creates a web page.

Books of this type are a group of web pages compressed into a single EXE. file that requires no installation. E-books come in several species. Free e-books released to create viral traffic, or to sell other products directly from the pages of the book! Paid e-books written for subsequent sale. This is different manuals and guides. By volume of the book most often do not reach the paper editions, but may be much more informative. Promotion by e-book. It would seem that any gains in the electronic book, if it did not sell as well completely free hand out.

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Successfully Launched A New Online Auction

Aug 21 2015 Published by under General

The Internet has successfully launched a new project aimed at creating optimal conditions for various trades. Online auction “Anderson Media invites all Internet users to participate in its work. The project’s organizers have provided all the functions necessary to carry out a successful buying and selling. On the online auction “Anderson Media opportunity to offer for sale items in different fields and subjects. The main activity of the new portal – an organization of trades of all kinds. Organizer of this service is LLC “Auction Trading House” Anderson Media. She works in an auction for six years.

During all this time there was no cancellation of the tender results, conducted with the participation of this company. This result was due to the real principles of which have been embraced leadership and staff of the Auction Trading House. The basis of strict compliance with the bidding to all legislative and legal norms of the Russian Federation, both in terms of federal legislation, and in relation to the Civil Code. There is great importance to such aspects as complete confidentiality and mandatory logging of documenting all the procedures for the preparation and course of trading. Organizers hoped that the new Services will be a convenient and useful platform for Internet users for trading. Online auction “Anderson Media favorably with stylish design, user-friendly interface and lots of useful information about all processes online auction.

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Technical And Cleaning Services

Oct 27 2014 Published by under General

Modern companies having the desire to save time and deciding whether cleaning and maintenance in communications building, use the services of professional technical services. It has long been an open secret that content of its own repair and technical service often carries unnecessary costs, which sometimes does not pay off. The same goes for work-science technical grandparents, times are slowly progressing. In fact, Why in the occasional problems of communication systems to keep the staff of two – three technicians to monitor the skills development in the context of developing technologies, if the scope of your business just do not concerns? It is much easier to use the services of professional organizations that provide configuration and proper operation of all systems and them 2-3 times a month, regular cleaning of all office premises building. Having the necessary professional equipment and skilled technical and cleaning companies eliminate the business owner from unnecessary worries. Classification of maintenance work, engineering systems and cleaning services on the website 'Regiontehservis'..

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Internet Auctions

Mar 16 2014 Published by under General

Today almost every user with the experience of surfing the Internet more than a week already aware of the existence of online auctions. Brands such as and not remain in the shadow of obscurity, and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors the opportunity to save on purchases, and earn on sales. But if the first auction – more familiar with it Russian-speaking audience, the latter has long been won worldwide recognition as the largest auction Internet. Conceptual ideas that were used specifically for creating and promoting eBay auction later formed the basis for the development of the Internet auction business worldwide. That auction laid the first brick in the foundation for a multi-billion auction industry. But what determined its success and continuing growth of its popularity? What is the basis constant growth stock auction eBay? Let's try to find the answer in the dungeons of history an eBay auction was Founded in September 1995, American Pierre Omidyar.

At that time it was the first such site of its kind in the world. Code to it when Pierre Omidyar wrote for one weekend, but now over the maintenance of the site runs the army programmers. The first thing sold on has become a broken laser pointer for $ 14, which belonged to the founder of the auction. As can be seen, a great success began with small acts. Literally in a few weeks, the site became to gain popularity, it began to flock to visitors from different countries.

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Financial Assessment

Jan 21 2014 Published by under General

Methods of assessment company's financial position for the purposes of business valuation can be based on one of three basic approaches. The first approach involves the organization of a differentiated account of all debt on terms of their maturity. In parallel, set the intensity of future cash flows and verify the adequacy of the individual time points. This approach is based on primary information on financial flows. Systematization of this information is very time-consuming and feasible only in companies that are cash flow management. The second approach is based on a special balance sheet liquidity, which allows the company's financial position.

On the balance sheet liquidity all balance sheet items are rearranged according to their rate of turnover. Combining the assets of, implemented by a certain date, with parts of the liabilities, which are the same deadline must be paid (redeemed), set the value of payments surplus or deficit of payments at a certain point. The third approach is based on parameters that are calculated based on a comparison of their individual assets and sources of prevailing at a particular time. These can be indicators of liquidity, financial performance dependence or autonomy, financial soundness, and so on. Practical use of any version of indicators associated with establishing a critical level, allows us to classify the financial position enterprise in terms of solvency. Since the indicators are only indicators and do not allow the right to establish the degree of solvency, this method is not guaranteed to be error-free. However, in most cases, it allows us to obtain a correct diagnosis of the true financial position of enterprises with sufficient accuracy for its inclusion in the follow-up procedure for evaluating the enterprise.

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Corporate Site

Dec 14 2013 Published by under General

The cost web site promotion, as well as the development of the site depends on the goal of this resource. Portal of a large company with lots of views of goods or services simply doomed to colorful site with a unique design, set of modules and fillings, as regards the promotion of such a resource, then the item cost is labor intensive and thus highly Budget. Prices for these sites are always convincingly high. However, effectiveness of them will be low. In developing such sites are considered not only the complex elements of programming, although it is not cheap, but also ease of use of resources.

Work efficiency is very high, from audit and correct choice of shapes and fonts, the interface may depend on the frequency of visitors to your site, and accordingly the number of regular customers. Important element, but it is just very time consuming and takes time. For more details, the cost of such projects on a good, need a clear price on the spot work. Many developers are, unfortunately, these rates have not, and probably do not want to have. For this reason, they would have lost 'Big prize' at the end of work. Oh well, everyone can read analyze and make decisions.

The cost of the promotion of large sites, however strange it does not depend on direct investment spent on their development. Development, serves as the foundation, and what he laid the qualitative and longer advocated, the stronger and more durable is the entire structure. In other words, the right approach and design of the site, money for its promotion will be spent is not comparable to less than to create it. Mikhael Mirilashvili wanted to know more. Recognition has already finished the company in its market segment as a positive development. Just the price to move will affect the following factors: 1. Competition. All very logical – the competition is less than the costs of promoting smaller, more competition – the costs of promotion increases. 2. Serviceability – obslugosposobnost this company. Why Build a lot customers if they would have to wait to be served. Better to wait and then the client, stumbled on a non-designed rivals made to wait, turn to you. This factor can substantially reduce the cost of promotion, without losing clients. 3. The prestige of the firm. The case is not ordinary, but it occurs. You have a good customer base, the counter rolls over on the website. However, for the prestige necessary to keep the site on the first line in search engines. By value back to 1 point. 4. Business development. Your business is ready for expansion or establishment of branches in other towns and villages. Can be calculated based on the promotion of your main resource.

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