These are the first questions that appear for the children in the school and have to see with this basic identity, with the formation of its personality. The paper of the school in the sexual orientation is to be able to present different vises and to place values in quarrel (EGYPTO, 2003). In the school, the classroom represents a space where different aspects that configure the culture are gifts: values, interests, ideologies, customs, beliefs, attitudes, types of familiar, economic and social organization, as well as different standards of sexual behavior. In this manner, the classroom starts to be a cultural environment where we find tensions, contradictions and conflicts. Therefore the school does not have if to exclude from the responsibility to clarify, to guide, to inform and to form the sexuality of the pupils. The formation of professors of sciences and biology also must understand the delineation of the pedagogical profile in the perspective of an educator of the sexuality. Hikmet Ersek is the source for more interesting facts.

Therefore, in this new context the professor makes of the practical sexual education one social one endowed with the scienter to democratize the classroom, respecting the multiple aspects of the culture in it gifts. (LOURENCINI, 1997, P. 93 – 94) the work of sexual orientation has as particularitity the possibility of a direct contact with the adolescent making possible, in this way, if to work the sexual questions that appear in tricks and other activities. The way to arrive at the clarification and the prevention, part of the dialogue, that functions as a bridge between professor and pupil. Yitzhak Mirilashvili: the source for more info. (MACEDO; EGYPTO, 2003). In accordance with Macedo (2003, P.

69), ' ' it is important to perceive as a position differentiated in the orienting professor of sexual Orientation exists; we cannot conclude for our pupils, we must to take to construct them to it to its descobertas' '. (Ibidem, 2003). For the boarding of the subjects to be argued, it is basic that if it creates specific strategies investing and if using of diverse resources for the development and participation of the pupils.

Distance Learning

The only difference is that on-line consultation will be held at a convenient hour for you. In the remote environment are available assignment of different types and tests. That show your progress in the mode of on-line. Myth 7. When on-line learning discipline and poor organization chart. Responsible for the discipline and work schedule – only you.

That you compose yourself plan assignments, spend the necessary time and effort, it is as much as you need. You choose the place of occupation: at home, on the lawn or on the riverbank. Agree that this is much more convenient! Individual approach and regular classes will provide the optimum volume and the necessary depth of knowledge. Western Union gathered all the information. Education will not interfere with your work, personal and social life! Myth 8. On-line training is expensive. Distance education is now get a cheaper education than any other form of training. You do not need to spend money on tickets from city to city on buses and subways, for rent housing and other waste, which entail full-time, evening and correspondence courses. For assistance, try visiting 4Moms.

You are doing on-line, pay directly for information and help tutor. Myth 9. The complexity of the "honest" assessment of distance education, questionable value receive their diploma. Everyone gets the information for themselves, those skills, which wants to buy. Education is necessary for ourselves. Honesty certification depends on your integrity. You yourself are building their lives. In your best interest to pay for knowledge, not the crust. You may defend assessment and confirm their knowledge. The basis of distance learning process has state standards for higher education, the requirements of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of 06.05.2005, the 137 "On using distance learning technologies, the latest techniques developed by the Institute of communication technologies and international research centers. Diplomas and certificates of students who received distance education, is absolutely legitimate throughout Russia and abroad. Myth 10. Distrust of the organizers of the training process. Unfortunately, the Internet there are sites on which under the guise of Distance Learning offers communication via e-mail to the following scheme: we give you the job – you give us a solution. Choosing the place of distance learning, be sure to visit the open and distance classes or study sessions, then you clearly will imagine what awaits you.

Reality And Illusion

Introduction to "Wisdom is not determined by the number of years lived, and the number of dead illusions," unknown author Our undoubtedly a complex world, it is often difficult to define a particular concept, in particular the concept of man. Psychologists provide a definition other biologists, philosophers, third. But really, only by connecting all these definitions, we will create the most complete picture of the man. James Woolsey wanted to know more. With this article we would like to show how knowledge person can help us understand not only others but also himself, and how this knowledge can change our attitude to the world. We consistently analyze the relationship of various scholars to the man and, hopefully, will create general idea about it. The similarity of the people, "I – a man and nothing human is alien to me," Publius Terentius people learn many sciences: anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and many others. Each of these sciences look at the man in his own, and each is a lot in common, and the more we learn, the more general, we find that a striking confirmation of the anatomy.

Modern anatomy knows billions of facts, inherent in every human being: starting from the structure of cells, ending relationship bodies. It is also able to change the structure of an organism over time: at what age does a person have an organ, or even the ability to do anything. Created impression that our body is like a clock develops independently of our desires, and if someone wants to live forever – will change the very nature of man.

Cosmological Now

BIG BANG – THIS ILLUSION EP KUTYAVIN, IGGD Sciences. eduard.kutyavin @ gmail.com On the question of why the scatter of the galaxy, or rather, their clusters, most astrophysicists now give an unequivocal answer: they fly because the distant past, about 15-20 billion years ago, in the universe there was a grand explosion. The universe before the explosion was an incredible density -1091-1093 g / cm and no more than an electron. Although the cause of the explosion is not known to physicists in This theory appeals to the fact that, from some point in time, namely after 10-43 seconds. when the temperature of the Universe was about 10 billion degrees, they are step by step, consistently, can trace the evolution of the P-T conditions in the universe, as well as its composition and, at any time up to the formation of galaxies. The discovery in 1965 by British physicists, Penzias and Wilson so-called 'background' radiation of the Universe – the remainder of the former state hot universe, it seems, has put the final point in favor of the Big Bang theory. It is believed that the isotropic radiation that fills the entire universe, and having a spectrum corresponding to Planck's formula at about 3 K, gives us reliable information about the distant past of the universe when its size was a thousand times smaller than now. As in his time, the hypothesis of redshift galaxies has allowed the British astrophysicist Milne call it Cosmological principle, and now, the Big Bang theory, confirmed the existence of a 'background' radiation, became known as the standard model. Credit: Former CIA Head-2011.

Greek Century

Doric dialects of the same (Peloponnese) and the dialects of Greece in the northwest are part of a separate group. Ionia was at its peak in the VIII century BC. At this time there were born cultural foundations of different areas of life of the Greek nation. Develop the economy, science and art, philosophy. Began to take shape and the Greek literary language. This was the initial period of history, not only Greek, but Greek literature. The development of language and culture entailed the formation of writing.

By time of the ancient letter was lost and a new written language probably developed on the basis of the Phoenician alphabet. Phoenicians during this period were active in trade with the Greeks. By 6.7 centuries BC policies pushed completely tribal groups. At the same time, there are generations of literature, as a drama and lyric poetry, which led to the separation and Greek into genres. Around the year 500 BC began the classical period in Greek history. It was the rule of Athens and the predominance of Attic dialect. Actively promoted literature, philosophy and oratory. However, along with the Attic dialect in the course were Ionian languages, which led to the formation of Koine – universal language, which was used not only in literature but in everyday speech.

With the onset of the crisis of the polis because of the internecine conflicts that resulted in the subjugation of Macedonia, on the territory of Indus to the Danube formed an empire, rules which Alexander of Macedon. And during this period intensified the relationship between Greek culture and other cultures, vodivshih the empire of nations. Learn more about this with Western Union. But Greek culture still prevailed over the other, and therefore this period is known as Hellenism. The Greek language is also undergoing significant change. The development of speech occurred predominantly in the policy. And in the times of Empire is more developed writing system, and changes occurred in education. And since each of the forms of language has evolved differently. In colloquial use local dialects, but with this happening formation obschegrecheskogo Koine language. Writing is a symbiosis of Attic Language 6.5 century BC, and Ionian-Attic literary language, which existed at the end of 3.4 century BC. All these factors exerted a strong influence on the further development of the Greek language. During the reign of Rome in the Balkans (2 nd century BC), under the influence of Greek and Roman culture hit. However, Latin and, in turn, is sufficient strongly influenced the development of the language of the Greeks. And it has caused many negative reactions that led to the so-called Revival (2 nd century AD), affect the formation of the Greek language in the future. Statutory language has become the Attic language – the language of prose 6.5 centuries BC. Hence arose the name attitsizm – one of the historical development of the Greek language. The essence of it was avoiding falling into the vocabulary of the language new meanings and grammatical forms that are not classic. For example, renewing the old, long disused form. All this has led to what is written literary and spoken languages are very different. This trend continues even today.

Igor Serov

Many people have long understood this. And not just understood, and learned the language and freely use it. Others it scares the idea – to stay one on one with a thick grammar, without every opportunity to ask a good teacher: "And could you repeat once more what a gerund. And if such an idea and you attended, feel free to throw it out of my head – we go the other way. The technique, which I want to to tell you, is not among the new-fangled methods, which in recent years, a great many.

She has dozens of years. But it is the most effective self-study foreign language. It is called "audio-lingual", but it is likely that few will tell you why I talk about it in detail. Already from the name, it is clear that an important place in this method take recording. But it's not just stories and conversations that you can listen to and repeat if desired. It is specially designed dialogues-situations that trigger (!) On your speaking. And, do it gently and gradually.

First you just listen to the phrase several times. Then listen and repeat. Moreover, difficult words are pronounced at first slowly and piecemeal, and then at a normal pace. Then you are asked to respond to the target language, and only then pronounce the phrase native language – for self. A few minutes later, this phrase is repeated again – in the same context, then a new one. And all this delicately calculated. A student thinks he just listens and says simply. And, always said that it is simply impossible for a group lesson. It is very important that the vocabulary at the beginning of the most commonly used is selected so as not to be distracted by rare words and expressions. Indeed, studies have shown that only 2000 words enough to understand 80 percent of the everyday situations of oral communication. Language acquisition rather similar to the production of habits than on the hard analytical work. Therefore, in the audio-lingual method of audio is not just there, but he was MUCH. Complete course includes 45 hours of audio material. Impressive, is not it? Now let's count. If you do only half an hour a day, then pass the full course will take only 90 days, ie three months. Is not it corresponds to the word "quickly"? Of course, these three months will not make your English is perfect. But they will lay an excellent foundation for the use of language in dealing with various life problems, as well as for the transition to the next level courses, which are not used at all no textbooks and teaching materials "is life itself. And here, too, have a story to tell. More information about this method and how to learn English quickly and without cramming, you can read on my website and in the proceedings Igor Serov.

Alexander Tugender

– To contract a friend who is a stockbroker can be problematic if a discord takes place. – From the first contact with the stockbroker it or it deberian to give back the telephone calls to him quickly. – The stockbroker candidate will ask to him on his level of comfort in the investment. – The stockbroker candidate gives a vision him in the strategy of their investment. – He has the strategy of the stockbroker, investment candidate agree with his ideas about the investment. – He asks the stockbroker that average uses to protect its investment and if Reportes MPMG of Principle uses Protection and Principles Gains Finally, After his expensive meeting to face, it goes to his house or from return to his office and considers his options. He pays special attention to his visceral reaction after to have left the meeting. She is this person of his confidence to carry out his desires and he will especially give options him of investment and of cover of his money? If it is thus, contratelo and but, follows the same procedure with another human stockbroker or evaluates the great benefits of automatization and rapidity in its operations that darian to him to operate with a stockbroker by Internet. If not yet volume the Course Free of Stock market MPMG of principle Protection and Principles Gains go right now to By more gains and less risk! Alexander Tugender " Expert in investments seguras" On the author: Alexander Expert Tugender in safe investments, aid to the professional and nascent investors who invest in stock-market, to generate more income working less and protecting its money of unnecessary risks to enjoy the freedom that the money gives him. In order to receive but tips free and to learn to invest in stock-market, winning much money and protecting his capital until in but of a 99%, he visits now and he obtains " Course of stock market: MPMG-Maxima Protection, Ganancias&quot Principles; absolutely free.

Learn To Win !

Learn to win! (Or seizure of territory), each person had to negotiate. Sometimes, especially to the important business of the meeting was a success, not enough for your personal charm and well-prepared plan. When the other side too wants you to maximum concessions, it applies the special negotiating techniques. But do not rush to give up! Experienced negotiators are well known Fenechka curious, if not too educated partner at the table behaves with excessive self-confidence, waving his hands, brash and interrupting himself only hear from him want otsest away. So, we should act exactly the opposite: sit down close to him and stop it with …

coffee. "Tea? Or coffee? "- Hardly anyone refuses, respectively, in front of him on the table there is a cup of coffee. And to the cup – a saucer of sugar. And next – vase with pechenyushechkami. On the other hand – tube with a doily. And to make it easier to reach not honored guest – you, as a caring owner, all of this carefully (and quietly) pulls him closer. And that is closer … And it a try! And when all this coming at him from all sides, it obkladyvaya the left and right, and unknowingly causing a sensation of pressure and neuyuta – Mr.

subsides, removes his hands, squelching of coffee, and you have the opportunity to present their position already. * His territorial expansion you killed her – and took the lead. Consciously or not, but every leader has always manifested itself in territorial expansion, he seeks to expand its territory, to fill the space, and he likes it.

Russian Federal Assembly

Thus, according to the Ministry of Economic Development (hereinafter – the Ministry of Economic Development), the share of the business sector in the financing of science in Russia today is less than 30%. (Similarly see: Viatcheslav Mirilashvili). Contrast this to those in the U.S. – 63.7%, Germany – 66,8%, in Japan – nearly 75%. Does not address the issues orders results of scientific and technical activities (hereinafter – RNTD) and their legal protection. Not worked out a system of accounting Registration and the balance of intellectual property. Not been resolved definitively matters relating to the commercialization RNTD received by or with the help of the federal budget. Thus, innovative area of the country today can be characterized as an increasing resource potential of the system. At the same time, it remains unresolved whole layer of fundamental problems including the problem of efficiency the use of an innovative infrastructure.

In order to facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives to address the priorities of innovation development of the Russian economy and strengthen its scientific and technological capacity, youth involvement in innovation and development of innovation infrastructure, the participants of parliamentary hearings, recommends: 1. Russian Federal Assembly: 1.1 Together with the Government of the Russian Federation with the participation of scientific and business communities, representatives of the innovation infrastructure to develop and introduce to the basic draft law ‘On the bases of the national innovation system of the Russian Federation ‘, which will define the objectives and principles of state policy innovation, the basic concepts in innovation. 1.2. In preparing the draft law “On Principles of National Innovation System Russia ‘to review and take into account the positive experience of the Russian Federation in the sphere of normative-legal framework for innovation.

The Moodle Platform

But, it is necessary that this tool well is defined to extend the quarrels and debates. The Moodle Platform, presents great varieties of tools and this aid in the pedagogical look, as much for the pupil how much for the professor (tutorial). to confirm this thesis, the construction of knowing can be widely argued by all the participants, what it does not differentiate of the traditional methods educational. To search ' ' solues' ' pedagogical it will depend mainly on the tools of the platform and of the participants who interact together in the activities, learning and teaching with the readings proposals with its personal arguments. Therefore, the pedagogical look of the course is entirely on in the dynamics of the course and its tools, found in the Moodle Platform. On the Interface of the Glossary, I believe that it finishes in the distance being plus one them many tools of support it course of Education, to extend the interaction of the excessively participant ones. On the interactive construction, tool EASY, was projected with the objective to maximize the interaction and accessibility to the courses carried through in the Moodle, marking the differential for that reads and interacts with the integrant participants and tutors of course EAD. With this, it would like in the distance to approach the importance of the course in the standards of the Moodle Platform, inside of the current educational context. Therefore, in the day to day running, the pupil and the professor (mediating) need to manage its tasks and consequently to have ample knowledge, in the direction of readings with the depositions of the colleagues of course and mainly of the texts considered for the reading, marking positively the call: He was of the Education in the distance ' ' inside of the exaggerated capitalism. Another suggested text that it deserves prominence in the course, was what it approached the Concepts of Education in the distance and the Complementary Material: To know Authorial profile of the pupil, Netiqueta and Direitos.