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However, Freud is often lacking to handle all such states hypnoid assume that the doctrine of states hypnoid does nothing to address the common lack of fitness as determined in the traumatic scenes. DriWay: the source for more info. The symptoms resolve by the time since they found the way to the memory of the traumatic scene. In the analysis, when the first is unsatisfactory scena found the patient is said that this does not explain anything but force behind it lies a more substantial previous experience and guided their attention to the associative threads that link and found the memory to find. it is as if the joint action of both scenes enable compliance of the postulate: the first scene proprcionaria traumatic force terror and the other for its content, the particular effect. The associative chain always consists of more than two links. The traumatic scene is not some simple ties but then branched unnos links following each new experience two or more hiding early experiences and memories, communicating the decision of a single symptom coincides with the task of presenting a complete medical history.

No hysterical symptom can arise from a real experience alone, but every time the memory of previous experiences, evoked through associations, cooperatives in the causation of symptoms. It is surprising that some hysterical symptoms can only gennerarse under the cooperation of memories, especially when one considers that the latter had not entered the consciousness at the time that the ptresento symptom first. No matter the case or a symptom that has departed, surely it ends up the field of sexual experience.

Deficient Children

To make it, a literary revision with bibliographical material on Ludoterapia, Hospital Brinquedoteca, Deficient Children, and some specialized references of texts and articles was carried through. Check out Publishers Clearing House for additional information. LUDOTERAPIA TECHNIQUE ONE SOON INTRODUCTION According to Axline (1972), Ludoterapia if bases on the premise that the game/trick is a natural way of the child if to express. How much is kind worth may find this interesting as well. The method can be of directive form, where the therapist assumes the responsibility of orientation and interpretation of the therapeutical process, or the not directive method where who is the child assumes the responsibility on its behaviors. This technique, if structure in the foundation of the life to be a dynamic and relative process, and that the citizen this in constant change, that is, what happened yesterday, tomorrow can not have today more the same meant. Axline (1972) clarifies that, the not directive ludoterapia, if beacon for the premise of that the citizen inside possesss of itself capacity to decide its proper problems.

In this form of therapy the individual can be he himself, expressing what it is without no type of imposition. The room of Ludoterapia is the place where the child is the person most important is it who if auto it manages, is accepted of the skill that it is. The therapist participates strengthening feelings of security in this place the child gains autonomy on its acts: ' ' … Being the half toy its natural one of auto-expression is given the chance to it of, playing, to expand its accumulated feelings of tension, frustration, unreliability, aggressiveness, fear, astonishment and confusion. ' ' …

Descobrir its way, to test itself proper, to leave to disclose its personality, to take the responsibility for its proper acts? this is what it happens during the therapy. (AXLINE, p.15 and 18). In the not directive ludoterapia of group, the function is the simultaneous evaluation of the behaviors and the personality of a child and relation to the other children of the group, therefore the therapeutical group represents for child a really true group, that is, it unchains in the child natural reactions that express it in its day the day, becoming possible for the therapist, to develop in it a feeling of respect one stops with the others.

Truth And Lies

Everyone in his life faced with a choice – to tell the truth or go to the deception. Sometimes this choice is painful, but not always, more often it still relates to our everyday lives. Often we are justifying their choice by some ethical standards. However, if you think about it, it turns out that to justify his choice to lie, we deceive ourselves. So one lie pulls the other. And if they do not understand, then successfully lied once, we are harder to resist temptation to lie and another time. So gradually we build around the whole fortress. But this just seems a fortress castle.

The fact that any deception, there are two sides – deceived and deceived. And each time, both sides an involuntary, second, consciously, are in a position ostrich burying his head in the sand at the sight of danger – in fact cheating, a distortion of reality. Chobani Refugees has compatible beliefs. This is a manifestation of love, caring, compassion they talk about cheating in good? What kind of fortress can say, if it is not built not on real firm foundation? War – the path of deception, deceit – the path of war. The ancient Chinese, who said these words, he knew what he was talking about. After all, by cheating once and to avoid exposure, a person is forced to go to the next trick, then another and another. So the person taking the path of deception, which in fact is the path of war. And the most dangerous thing here is that this path of self-deception, that is war with itself.

War in complete exhaustion. It turns out that trying to protect themselves, their feelings, their own idea of itself, we are actually harming themselves and those whom misleading. If you think about this, it will become clear words: "He that loveth his life shall lose it: and he hates his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal." Is it because it is said of the bitter and sweet truth lie? Each of us is a representation of himself and the world. The more shaky our understanding of these due to the fact that are built on deception, the more the truth becomes a bitter and dangerous, and the more we tend to sweet lies. And any attempt to tell us the truth, we will automatically respond in style – he fool, and he is! etc. And probably because somewhere deep down, everyone has an understanding of all this, people are suffering from depression, the disease is directly related to the distorted perception of the world and man himself. And do not accident, one of the major steps for getting rid of depression, psychologists call denial of self-pity. The main thing is to understand and make choices: first, a person chooses a path and then chooses the path of man

Attitude Towards Life

For a long time I was very dissatisfied with my life, I always felt cheated that I was always upset because of the fact that I do not have those things that I wanted to have, I have not the environment that I would like to have, and so etc. Because the fact that I did not have all this, I always put aside their lives for later. I always thought: That's when I had it all appears, then I'll have fun and start to live fully! But not today, today it is not an appropriate day! Passed few years, and in my life, nothing has changed, I also displeased. From my grudges, nothing has changed, all the same. I began to think: what am I doing wrong? Gradually began to come answer my question, it turned out much easier than I could ever imagine! It was necessary, just change my attitude to life. My main mistake was that I always lived somehow, the future or the past, I was worried about those things that once made, or that what will be my future. But the past can not go back, back there somewhere, behind, the only thing you can do is learn from past mistakes.

And the future in general is so unpredictable, that today you live in one place, and Tomorrow you may be in another, the future can only plan. But we can not know what tomorrow will bring, we have only today. Today is the perfect time to live and enjoy life, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but it is today. Dear reader, if you live in the past or the future, then begin to live today. My second mistake was that I did nothing, I did not have a favorite or interesting to do, I always do, what to do, not what want, though by nature I am a talented person. In this life we must find ourselves a lesson that will be fun. This can be anything, for someone to paint a picture, for another to collect stamps.

Yes, all that anything to it gave pleasure. In this life, everyone is talented in his own way. Dear reader, if you're not doing an interesting thing to you, then they start to engage as soon as possible! The following error is not my appreciative attitude toward life. I was so stupid that they always pay attention not to what I have, but on what is not. I realized that I should be glad that there is, because if it is good you look closely, you can see so much good things in life. Representing the mentally imagine the scale and weighed them, all that is and what is not, it will be immediately obvious that we have a lot more! We can see, hear, walk, and this is already done. Shelves in stores tumbled from eating, and in during the war people had nothing to eat. We must be content with what you have today, we must be grateful. And our lives can change only if we change the attitude towards it! So, dear reader, Begin to rejoice that you have, and I know you've got a lot!