Allied One

Then, you are going to start to see a little the mechanics of these market niches. The second tool is one called Google Trents or Google trends, which basically allows you to what is more a little more information, but the starting point should always be this external search keywords. Once you do This, you have to do is also to use the Google search engine and enter the keywords on which you want to compete in your market and see who are the top positions. Then, say in the top thirty positions, what I would do, would be to open a template in Excel and say the name of the web site, the name of the owner if it had, the e-mail contact, would place another square to find out if they accept or do not accept advertising, and another box for comments. So you would with one, and one and one and see exactly what you are offering so that you can differentiate yourself effectively from the rest.

One of the great advantages that has this is that you’re not only analyzing what is what your competition is doing and, ultimately, will allow you to determine how it is you’re going to offer the product, because perhaps not say this very often but it is something that I am 100% convinced: the important thing in internet is not what you sell but how you sell it. I repeat it: Internet, even outside the internet, the important thing is not what they’re selling, but really, the important thing is how it is that you’re selling. You can have exactly the same product that a competitor and you can annihilate to that competitor and the competition only by the way on how submit your product to your target audience. Now, when you make this market research using these two simple tools, even if you only want to limit yourself to the keywords of Google search engine, you’ll not only see what your competition is offering, but what are your possible Allied strategic potential, which is reaching your market, your same niche market, but with completely different products to what you are going to sell and people who are rather complementary. And you can get to some kind of Alliance strategic in where you can promote products of the other person, the other person you can promote your products, and both will be beneficiaries of this type of relations. In such a way that this part is important. You do not be afraid to invest a full month, two hours a day, eight hours a day, sixteen hours a day, in this part of preliminary investigation of the market. Because if you really know your market, you’re one step closer to your business is really successful.