Bathrooms Furniture

For a spacious bathroom actual coverage of natural marble and high-quality art tile or wood treated with special water-resistant varnish. Decor of walls, ceiling and floor tiles, properly selected color and material, quality sanitary ware bathroom interior make the perfect place health holidays. Become popular interiors of bathrooms in the spirit of the psychological concept of open society – open plan, the presence of interconnected, flowing into each other's spaces, the visual openness of the rooms, which can achieved through the use of glass partitions. Bathroom furniture if the color and lighting for the bathroom are selected, you must think about furniture placement and the best options. Modern furniture Bathrooms different one important characteristic: it consists of separate elements, easy stacking in a variety of options, depending on the size of the bathroom and desires of the owners. So out of each set of furniture, produced by modern factories can choose individual modules liked and convert them to his own interior. Bathroom furniture comes in the classic version, and in modern style, and in a variety of versions of contemporary styles. Classic style – it is always a popular combination of pure white and gold: white porcelain sinks, subtle 'golden' feet sink and curved scrollwork framing the mirror.

All of this would have gone paintings from the life of the aristocrats of past centuries. But the foundation of contemporary models in the classical style is made of polyurethane – a practical material, which by all its characteristics superior to ordinary plastic, while he was unusually humidity resistant – furniture made of polyurethane will never spoil the mood of the swollen water bubbles. The elegance of this furniture stressed glass doors, accessories, handmade and elegant halogen lamps. Furniture collections in the Art Nouveau enjoy plenty of mirrors, lamps and inherent in that style, elegance forms. Color of the furniture, you can choose according to your taste: this is a stylistic range of white and pastel (Vanilla, rose, emerald, blue), matt and glossy variants. In the classic style of furniture, usually used MDF and polyurethane, and finishing – the lining of the wood.