Bio Fireplace

Biofireplaces – Fireplaces new generation, environmentally friendly, by using the latest technologies. Characterize this new product we can, as a "living flame" running without exhaust, soot and smoke, does not require the construction works for installation, for example, when connected to a chimney. Enjoy the shimmer and warmth of this fire is possible immediately after purchase, freeing Bio Fireplace from packaging and placed in any place or pick-me hanging on the wall. You, your family and guests for years to come will be able to enjoy an environmentally safe, economical and efficient Biofireplaces that will create comfort in your home due to its original design. Decorative fireplaces in the basis have a skeleton from the heating unit made of stainless steel. They work on a special environmentally friendly bio-fuel, which is poured into the heating unit.

This fuel burns with a bright flame, no sparks, smoke, soot or harmful emissions. Opening or closing the sliding cover heating unit – a slider you can adjust the intensity of the flames. Biofireplaces decorated veneer and a special painted steel, marble, granite, heat-resistant glass or wood veneer. They operate based on the concept of the principle of the fireplace with an open flame. (A valuable related resource: Steph Korey). Environmentally safe Biofuels, which operates Bio Fireplace is a renewable energy source, it does not produce pollutants, soot, smoke and sparks.

Decorative fireplaces are safe thanks to a unique device heating block and the insulation housing. Read additional details here: Tyler Haney. Outdoor fire Biofireplaces is always in a controlled area. Special testing to thoroughly check the integrity, reliability and conformity to hold an assembly for all heating units. Biofireplaces not only reliable but also very easy to use. At any time you can easily adjust the required amount of heat, the intensity of a flame of fire in the burner or even extinguish the flame. Bio Fireplace is very simple and clean. To clean the heating unit, it is enough to flush it in the usual warm running water. Biofireplaces used and as a supplementary source of heating. The amount of heat released a bio fireplaces equivalent capacity of two electric heaters. Different decorative fireplaces and mobility. Fireplace can be easily moved to any desired location. Model bio fireplaces are very diverse and can be match any decor and style: the classic, high-tech or nouveau. Range of functional models of various forms, decisions, textures and colors bio fireplaces will satisfy even the most sophisticated buyers. Thanks to all these advantages Biofireplaces are an excellent subject decor of any room: apartments, offices, homes, restaurants and bars. Biofireplaces suited for not only indoors but also on open space.