a PIENSA BIG AND GROW Grandee a is a thought that should tell every moment in words, transforming it into an experience, put their emotions into words, really feel, and I say this but things have not been favorable for you, it does not matter, because the mind is to repeat things, make it a habit and thus can achieve what you want for your life. Each human being is able to transform their reality, but this must take into account the following factors: 1-a a CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING: A is a challenge because everything is recorded in the subconscious and is where we reflect what we are, because the subconscious is where the impulses reach of thought and habit of repeating that ended up recording it. To change your way of thinking, I suggest you see your best, to practice daily and are auto yes and it will take to grow to be big as a human being to observe how you react and how it does, ie should be initiated as soon as possible, a self-observation process whose purpose is to think, feel, speak and act positively. a 2-CHANGE YOUR WAY OF SPEAKING: a If you change your thinking and feeling, directly change the way you speak, because it is not possible, if you think negative, or positive talk. If you think positive, positive you are talking thus positive. It is important to realize that that was how you tell things as they really think so.