Implementing Positive Thoughts

Always say what you feel and do what you think. Gabriel Garcia Marquez The great secret, which we know internists but still ignores the public, is that everything usually improves by itself. In fact almost everything better the next morning. -Dr. Lewis Thomas, in The Lives of a Cell We are energy, we are constantly stimulating it with thoughts that lead us to act according to its nature, potential, especially when these are positive incentives for actions that manage, lead, lead to favorable results . a Hence the importance of being alert, awake to the way of how we manage our thoughts, as we give way to those who are highly positive and forcing AA to determine its scope, impact, if you’re good at what they are we intend to achieve.

We must be vigilant to the dynamics of the mind that is constantly moving and producing thoughts, select those that are activated by positive stimuli that do not accept any negativism, that instead of deteriorating energy charge of our physical vehicle and recharge the incentive to achieve favorable results. Not surprisingly therefore, be said, that one must be careful in the expression of thoughts, because by not management, determining their potential can yield negative effects on our lives, tornadoes pessimistic, feeling mentally and physically affected we can limit a or we can able to achieve what we set out, hence the saying, a trachea the personal world of each is a reflection of what one thinks and believes.. For even more details, read what James Woolsey says on the issue.