Cork Floors

Floors made of cork and have attractive appearance. The original picture tube emphasizes the natural beauty of the material. Discreet, neutral tones as well as possible meet modern design requirements. All outdoor products made of natural cork is a multilayered structure, the foundation of which is densified (sintered) tube. The face of the may be caused by a decorative veneer of cork.

To increase the strength properties of the coating, veneer additionally covered with a protective lacquer layer. Most often, floor coverings made of natural cork are of two types, characterized by the degree of protection and laying method: 'adhesive' coverage and 'floating' floors. 'Adhesive' coatings are designed to bond the whole area of the tiles to the ground. Typically, these coatings are available in the form of tiles 600h300 sizes, 450×450 mm with different texture and design that provides unlimited possibilities for interior designers realize their ideas. The upper layer of tiles, which is applied on the basis of compressed cork thin layer decorative cork tiles are not covered with protective varnish after installation to cover the 2.3 layers of special lacquer. Such coatings can be used for any premises including bathrooms, kitchens, hallways. 'Floating' Floor made in the form of panels measuring 900 x 300 and have an extra layer of HDF, in contrast to the coatings that are intended to be glued.

By the basis of the HDF from the back side is glued agglomerated cork backing. These panels are not glued to the base, installation is similar to laying a laminate. The procedure of placing 'floating' floors is significant is simple, as opposed to laying adhesive means. 'Floating' floors are laid on any smooth base. On concrete (cement) we need to create a moisture barrier with plastic film. For extra insulation and sound-absorbing layer as a 'floating' floors can be laid roll or tube sheet with a thickness of 2 mm. Or, if the base is lined with plywood laid directly on the ground. If the humidity is high floor (or is laying on the 1 st floor), you need two layers polyethylene film (second layer laid perpendicular to the first). When installing the roll tube (substrate) must retreat 10 mm from the wall and from the neighboring roll. Mounting plate is carried out in an arbitrary direction. Immediately after laying on the floor you can walk. 'Floating' floors are widely used in the operation of residential, except for areas with high humidity (saunas, bath, kitchen). Cork flooring. Cork flooring is made of "Glue" cork floors. Have different sizes and colors. Cork flooring can be laid as a classic herringbone pattern and manner simulating tile. At the request of any drawings executed on the sketches of the client.