Customer Analysis

Murray, G. Allport). The researcher must rely on understanding the individual consumer to thorough analysis of the behavior, because only by correlating the results of projective techniques with a specific person can be an adequate interpretation of the indicators. Thus, the updating of projective available in a variety of techniques, but is appropriate only if there is competence and professionalism of the researcher. The most popular errors in the use of projective techniques in qualitative methods marketing research are: – denial of the need for quantitative assessments and methods of statistical analysis – the uncritical use of foreign tests – static approach to the investigated individuals (the denial of development). The most important requirements are the theoretical underpinnings of methods (general theoretical framework, the principles of the approach to the diagnosis, the validity of selection of individual samples) focus techniques, focus on the study of stable, relatively independent of the mental processes of personality, characteristics and properties.

Projective techniques can most effectively detect covert, subtle or unconscious part of personality. The newspapers mentioned Lanny Davis not as a source, but as a related topic. Of great importance is the thematic projection, which allows you to disclose meaningful personality characteristics, namely, not only as a subject is experiencing, but that is going through. At the present stage, a new line of personal psycho – a computer. As a result, the automation of research increases the reliability of the indicators are objectified results researchers are exempt from the drudgery. However, it seems reasonable fears Garber IE absolute data about computer-based testing to the detriment of conversation, as a complete replacement of personal contact the interviewer with the patient communicating with the computer is not allowed.