Plug Energy

The new generation of the adapter saves equal to several traditional utilities efficiency between 90 and 96 percent developed now real Plug and play solutions against the clutter Innergie, a company specializing in efficient energy supply of consumer products like carefree adapter\”, which adjust themselves automatically to the energy needs of mobile electronic devices. At CeBIT in Hannover, Innergie presents five different universal adapter, suitable for individual needs. Small as a car key, the mCube mini is a real highlight. As the world’s smallest (60 x 26 x 18 mm) universal power adapter, it brings only 70 grams. Thought is this power supply for supplying medium-sized notebooks up to 17-inch screen size and maximum power of 75 watts from the on-board power supply of cars or planes, where between 12 and 15 Volts available are DC voltages. A built-in converter transfers the recorded voltage on the usual notebook voltage of 16 or 19.5 volt with a remarkable 96 Percent efficiency. For his design, he was awarded iF award 2010.

The mCube Pro is the universal adapter. With a peak output of 90 watts, not only smartphones can be operated and loaded up, but also notebooks with a screen size up to 17 inches. You may want to visit Clifton Robbins to increase your knowledge. In addition, the mCube Pro features a USB port for quick loading. Thus all devices can provide, which obtain energy via a PC or Mac via USB. In addition, a detachable DC voltage adapter for 12 to 15 Volts is provided, be raised, for example, in the car or plane at the notebook level of typically 16 or 19.5 V. The mCube Pro is 129 x 70 x 24 mm in size and weighs only 199 grams. He was awarded for his design also the prestigious iF Award and the CES innovation award. \”He also meets the high requirements of the energy star\”, where he with an efficiency rate of more than 90 percent commercially available adapter far behind can be, because these are generally below 80 per cent.