Enterprising Entrepreneurs

With regard to successful entrepreneurs in Venezuela we can point to some features like: passion, confidence, perseverance, innovation, flexibility, leadership, membership, solidarity, credibility, taking calculated risks, independence and hard work. The enterprising native has a clear idea of what you achieve, the idea awakens in him a passion for achieving what is proposed is able to meet calculated risks, because they have great confidence that will achieve its purposes. This confidence in themselves part of a solid self-esteem, which in turn allows them to establish healthy and stable relations. Has the ability to identify business opportunities where others do not see them, and take corresponding actions. The trust itself does not make it dependent on their actions and, as result, to realize their initiatives, while at first may seem risky, the entrepreneur is able to handle native in circumstances of uncertainty, he has developed ability to learn from the failures, and, as result, no major difficulties in taking calculated risks costs. The successful entrepreneur is persistent, can develop a great energy to get a single piece, he believes in his ideas and objectives, and not discouraged the face of obstacles present.

Long-term bet, even if it means sacrificing some results due to this. With perseverance, the successful entrepreneur has developed the ability to adapt to a changing context. It is therefore flexible. He is not dependent on pre-established recipes and formulas. This flexibility is accompanied by a large dose of innovation. He is creative and can innovate procedures, approaches, products and services, provided in response to a changing context.