Europe Town

The town of Liga is a male, chauvinistic town, proud xenophobe and of its identity. More information is housed here: Hikmet Ersek. A colorful tribe of orondos farmers who do not apologise when they are above to somebody, of cattle dealers who presume of due maroni (two balls), and of small very preservative industralists. All seem to hate the same things: to Rome, to Europe, to the State, the bureaucracy, the taxes, the immigrants and the homosexuals. Today 10,000 followers have gone about to romera annual of Pontida, a town of Lombardy located to 60 kilometers of Milan, where is the sagrada prairie of Liga. He has the size of average football ground, and for 900 years, in 1167, one has been saying that the first padanos swore to defend themselves united of Barbarroja. The meadow is hardly average plenty. And a single shout in bulk leaves the throats wet by the wine and the beer: " Secession, secesin". Source of the news: : Bossi grants six months of grace to Berlusconi.