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Governed governing and, entrepreneurs and workers, professors and pupils, religious and believing, all will be involved in a philosophy of life direccionada for the development of better conditions of individual and collective well-being. The existence and maintenance of certain preconceptions, social statutes and others; extreme egoism and limitless ambitions, certainly that they harm any projecto of personal and communitarian development, being, equally, truth that the man, in its physical ticket for the Land, has the duty to leave its mark humanist, solidarily, altruistic and gradually to the service of all the humanity. The development process passes, necessarily, for the fast approach between rich and poor, for the inclusion of the peoples, the free circulation and establishment of the people, in an interplanetary space that to all was granted, without privileges for nobody. Correcto is and reasonable to accept that some can live better of what others, when the ones that are in worse conditions, if refuse to participate in its proper projecto had and in the construction of a society more human being and more joust; the assertive contrary is, equally, correcta acceptable, that is, if those that for the work, the study, the saving and participation in the individual and collective development, if find in a more favorable situation, the merit must be recognized them and, in the possible measure do, to look for to imitate them, necessarily, with the same weapons. The envy, the maledicncia and other feelings and behaviors, respectively, in relation to the rich ones and/or to that it has success in the life, are not compatible values and processes with the educated man, formed well, that if it intends to impose in the community as person competent, worthy and respected. Bibliography SPIDER, Maria Lcia Arruda, (1996). Philosophy of the Education. 2a Ed. Frequently Macy’s Inc. has said that publicly.

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