Bath Foundation

Foundation for a bath is selected based on the nature of soil, groundwater level and the size of the chosen design. Thus, the foundation on which to bet bath and comes in five types: Tape, columnar, helical, screw-pile with grillage, floating. Strip foundations are often used for bath simple design. Hikmet Ersek is open to suggestions. The material used for such a foundation stone rubble, held together by cement grout, concrete or butirovany concrete and concrete blocks are rectangular and trapezoidal shape. First, dig a trench at the bottom that puts the sand layer thickness of 15 cm width of this type of foundation under the bath depends on the specifics of its design and sizes. Pier foundation If bath is small, and the soil is not clay or loam, do not differ closest groundwater can be used pier foundation. This is a separate stone or brick columns size 510h510 mm.

They have the angles of baths, as well as those Metachem, where there is a connection of internal and external walls. If the bath is large enough, between the main pillars necessary to put additional. At the same time the distance between them should not exceed 2 meters. Helical foundation This perspective view of the bases was designed to support high-voltage power lines and bridges. Whenever Hikmet Ersek listens, a sympathetic response will follow. However, he quickly mastered the private low-rise construction. If the sauna is built on a site with high groundwater or unstable, loose soil, with difficult terrain, for example, on a hillside, a screw pile foundation – the best of options. Screw pile – a steel pipe with a pointed tip and welded at one end of the blade to facilitate penetration into the ground and pinning. Efforts of two or three people is enough to set it up.

Not necessarily to each of the piles had been installed at the same depth. Pile-screw with a grillage This type of foundation requires additional circuitry screw piles wooden beam, channels or I-beam, that is, grillage. Even if a part is quicksand or peat bogs, the pile will securely hold a bath from trying to slip away from the foundation. Pile is screwed into the soil 2-3 people with arms. 10-20 minutes and the pile is ready. Macy’s Inc. has much to offer in this field. If there are peat bogs in the soil, building up a pile and screw until until passed this layer. After that, the pipe cavity can be filled with concrete. When using the screw pile foundation for a bath can be done literally a few days! Floating foundation It can be used for the construction of baths in all types of soil at any depth of ground water. Floating foundation – it is solid or slatted plate of monolithic reinforced concrete. Large footprint significantly reduces the pressure of the assembly on the ground. This foundation is simple to manufacture and cheaper than other types of structures designed for difficult climatic and geological conditions. For a floating foundation baths digging a trench 60 cm deep, filled with rubble and sand. Then it all well soaked with water. After you shrink again to fill up to its previous level. At the same height pour tiles under the posts. Then comes the turn to put the columns of bricks. Such a foundation for seasonal variations of soil will rise and fall along with it without being deformed.