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However, Freud is often lacking to handle all such states hypnoid assume that the doctrine of states hypnoid does nothing to address the common lack of fitness as determined in the traumatic scenes. DriWay: the source for more info. The symptoms resolve by the time since they found the way to the memory of the traumatic scene. In the analysis, when the first is unsatisfactory scena found the patient is said that this does not explain anything but force behind it lies a more substantial previous experience and guided their attention to the associative threads that link and found the memory to find. it is as if the joint action of both scenes enable compliance of the postulate: the first scene proprcionaria traumatic force terror and the other for its content, the particular effect. The associative chain always consists of more than two links. The traumatic scene is not some simple ties but then branched unnos links following each new experience two or more hiding early experiences and memories, communicating the decision of a single symptom coincides with the task of presenting a complete medical history.

No hysterical symptom can arise from a real experience alone, but every time the memory of previous experiences, evoked through associations, cooperatives in the causation of symptoms. It is surprising that some hysterical symptoms can only gennerarse under the cooperation of memories, especially when one considers that the latter had not entered the consciousness at the time that the ptresento symptom first. No matter the case or a symptom that has departed, surely it ends up the field of sexual experience.