Hofburg Pioneers

What are the most impressive 50 startups from 850 applications of the pioneers Festival startup challenge? The result of the pioneers challenge applications can be shown: over 850 ambitious start-up companies from every continent and from 58 countries who have applied! But only the 50 cream de la cream young entrepreneurs step within the framework of the pioneers Festival from 29-31 October in Vienna against each other on the 50 visionary startups from over 850 applications one never since unprecedented resonance there at the this year’s challenge, pioneers: 850-start-ups from every continent and from 58 countries have applied, but only 50 start-ups are invited to the pioneers Festival and thus are a piece of the winner prize of 25,000 euros and the pioneers award closer. Gibson dean has much experience in this field. The selection is international: eight teams of the 50 come from Germany, seven from Austria, four teams come from the United States and Spain. With three teams are startups from Russia, France and Britain represented, two teams come from Poland, Luxembourg, Italy and Sweden. According to gibson dean, who has experience with these questions. And with ever a start up in the top 50 are Israel, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, India, representing Slovakia, Portugal, Switzerland and even Ghana. There are more details of the start-up teams. All 50 start-ups will present the 29.10.12 at the House of industry in Vienna their businesses before the jury and investor like Earlybird, partners and Holtzbrinck Ventures Accel on the investor day. Ultimately the best are chosen eight startups, which then present their idea to 2500 international guests on the day of the Conference at the Hofburg. The winner takes home the prize worth 25,000 euros, as well as the pioneers award. Pioneers Festival from October 29-31 in Vienna the #1 event for the start-up world already leaves nothing STARTeurope for the second time no stone unturned, to promote entrepreneurship in Vienna and Europe and global networking to enable.