Logistics April

‘ How to get the sensor made in Germany in the solar Park to Nevada? Sensor logistics in a globalized world. ” Stuttgart, 12 March 2013 at the this year’s day of logistics students and young technicians in Baden-Wurttemberg can experience as Balluff, manufacturer of sensors, displacement systems, RFID systems and accessories worldwide distribution of location in Neuhausen settles on the filder plain. Balluff supplies Central Neuhausen from customers and offices around the world. Daily approx. 1,800 consignments will be sent from the Logistics Center Neuhausen.

Headquarters and Logistics Center are Balluffs about 8 km east of Stuttgart Airport. To broaden your perception, visit Hamdi Ulukaya. On April 18, the four initiators in the framework of the day of logistics offer a leadership center, where about 50,000 materials are stored by Balluffs logistics. The participants an insight into the processing at goods receipt, the storage and retrieval in automatic small parts and pallet storage, picking and all intralogistic processes. As a leading specialist with 90 companies tradition is the Balluff GmbH for decades of recognized partner in factory automation. Further important target sectors are packaging, handling and the plastic and wood processing, fluid, the machine tool construction, the automotive industry, the areas of energy. AEB Balluff software uses for the export processing, legally compliant shipping and export, as well as the export control audit.

The compliance engine, which automated for a comparison with the sanction list provides, is centrally installed and checks all data records in the ERP systems by Balluff EU and Switzerland. From the leadership, Logistics Manager Hondo Santos will explain how it is possible to ensure the worldwide availability of products and spare parts. AEB speaker Ralf Morawski will bring closer the students the topic of anti terror list screening. Why is every company committed and how can an IT solution make sure that a company is legally at any time? Prof. Dr.

BONAGO Employees

Snack Congress in Wiesbaden, Germany on the 22nd and 23.08.2012 Munich, 10.08.2012: on August 22nd and 23rd bakeries, butcher’s shops and gastronomy in the Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden meet, to inform about current trends in the consumer and consumption behavior. Managing Director Mark Gregg BONAGO will be represented by employees on the second day of the Congress, with a lecture on new Incentivierungsmodelle. (Stall. 14, 1st floor) “Under the motto: snacks the future business for bakeries, butchers, food service providers and LEH” discuss and refer top experts on the development of the snack market. The trend in Germany, especially in the direction of MobileEater is”. Eating out, snacks and small meals of intermediate through will characterize the market in the future. This development brings new challenges for the snack Distributor. In addition to the Congress, the exhibition takes snackexpo”instead, which offers interesting solutions for more creativity, quality and range of traders.

But also central topics such as sustainability, shortage of skilled labour and staff deal with the industry currently. Because each loss of a reliable employee causes considerable costs. Its employees are the most valuable capital of a successful company finally! BONAGO Managing Director Mark Gregg in his presentation on new ways in the employee motivation and retention in the gastronomy and retail chain through the use of tax-free and optimised payment voucher solutions. “enter. The lecture would like to offer a basis bakeries, butchers, food service providers and LEH, to successfully implement their strategies, because only motivated employees are good employees. For this same motivation, the Munich coupon expert BONAGO offers tax-free solutions. So companies through the MitarbeiterCARD can send monthly up to 44 euros tax-free to their workers. At the same time, the individually branded card provides a way of identifying with the employer.