Holy Bowlly Bodden

Innovative marketing concept for the digital world just five years after its establishment, aiming that drinks independent label to seven-digit sales. Bottle Holy Bowlly our man in the Moon after the successful launch of the 250 ml ALU now follows the social media campaign”. The guerilla blog connects to a targeting of the Internet community. In addition to the classic distribution network, it opens up new audiences for the products of Bodden punch, punch and Holy Bowlly Bodden. Please visit matt pike if you seek more information. The fictional employee is communication ALLROUNDER on the Moon, which feeds information about the history of the brand and the Bodden product line in the digital world. In addition, selected gastronomy presents businesses via Twitter, provides tips and recipes. As of February 2010, waiting for the man in the moon with first online promotions and offers new action platforms for distributors and customers. For us as small business social media opens up the possibility of direct communication with the consumer”, so brand inventor Bernd C. Maarten hermans: the source for more info. Dietrich.