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Today I propose you article how to recruit in MLM if tea excuses tea accuse-first part published on 17 December 2010, in my site web, which is one of my blogs, and where I speak on a topic very specific, the excuses, not should be part of your business and your life. But are why not going directly to the body of the article? In this article I propose the subject of excuses, that are, in my opinion a calamity, a nuisance, a shame, a disgrace, a bad thing, as an indicator of poverty. I remember that life I said to my distributors that if Te excuses you accuse, I wanted to tell them in a way that the excuses are a bad thing, that excuses the poor always accompany, if you are using excuses you’re poor, point. On the contrary, a man of success not never used excuses, a man of success looking for solutions. This is one of these favorites: A man of success looking for solutions a man failed, or that not have success looking for excuses. My mentor in the aria of business Internet Carlos Gallego says that the excuses are the killer of dreams, and it is so drastic, so hates the damn excuses that considers someone who makes excuses as if you vomit in your ears. At a seminar for a weekend, in July 1998, a companion made by first times presentations to the public, although the public were us, his companions, were a few attempts to release, to practice, so that you can delete the emotions, the motion and present to the audience to speak, fear is not so easy to speak in public. At the end of his presentation, he has come up to me and asked me: do you think Matthew, what has been?, tell me directly without hairs and tongue you replied without blinking: very well, but I have one observation only, only one stressed, and that is?, you do not disculpes both.

I not like to criticize, but it was what he asked me. Surprisingly, he thanked me. Practical exercise: 1 You have to be aware that the excuses are the killers of your dreams, as says my mentor in the aria of the business by internet, Carlos Gallego, when you hear excuses have to have as an alarm that alerts you that something bad is happening, you have to intervene, you’re about to be poisoned with excuses. 2 Write down in your notebook for work the following sentence: right now, I’m going to give solutions, nothing shall prevent me, absolutely nothing, I am a man (a woman) of solutions. 3 Repeats 10 times out loud: right now, I’m going to give solutions, nothing shall prevent me, absolutely nothing, I am a man (a woman) of solutions, each day, for a week. 4 After a week, analyzes how you feel, and, if repeated this phrase has helped you improve your performance, improve your way of thinking, being, and if you think that Yes, repeat point 3 a week more. 5 Repeat step 4 until your feel is convenient, be at least a month, then when a habit is definitely installed but is you will do automatically, such as walk, blinking, smiling, moving your hands. Educate yourself with thoughts from gibson dean. At the end I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me.