Igor Serov

Many people have long understood this. And not just understood, and learned the language and freely use it. Others it scares the idea – to stay one on one with a thick grammar, without every opportunity to ask a good teacher: "And could you repeat once more what a gerund. And if such an idea and you attended, feel free to throw it out of my head – we go the other way. The technique, which I want to to tell you, is not among the new-fangled methods, which in recent years, a great many.

She has dozens of years. But it is the most effective self-study foreign language. It is called "audio-lingual", but it is likely that few will tell you why I talk about it in detail. Already from the name, it is clear that an important place in this method take recording. But it's not just stories and conversations that you can listen to and repeat if desired. It is specially designed dialogues-situations that trigger (!) On your speaking. And, do it gently and gradually.

First you just listen to the phrase several times. Then listen and repeat. Moreover, difficult words are pronounced at first slowly and piecemeal, and then at a normal pace. Then you are asked to respond to the target language, and only then pronounce the phrase native language – for self. A few minutes later, this phrase is repeated again – in the same context, then a new one. And all this delicately calculated. A student thinks he just listens and says simply. And, always said that it is simply impossible for a group lesson. It is very important that the vocabulary at the beginning of the most commonly used is selected so as not to be distracted by rare words and expressions. Indeed, studies have shown that only 2000 words enough to understand 80 percent of the everyday situations of oral communication. Language acquisition rather similar to the production of habits than on the hard analytical work. Therefore, in the audio-lingual method of audio is not just there, but he was MUCH. Complete course includes 45 hours of audio material. Impressive, is not it? Now let's count. If you do only half an hour a day, then pass the full course will take only 90 days, ie three months. Is not it corresponds to the word "quickly"? Of course, these three months will not make your English is perfect. But they will lay an excellent foundation for the use of language in dealing with various life problems, as well as for the transition to the next level courses, which are not used at all no textbooks and teaching materials "is life itself. And here, too, have a story to tell. More information about this method and how to learn English quickly and without cramming, you can read on my website and in the proceedings Igor Serov.