Investing Economy

Let's try a light and accessible way to talk about what the investment. Thus, the most important task, which overcome the investors is standard – to increase its capital together with increasing prosperity of the economy, industry and, ultimately, companies in which they invested their money. We live in one of the most abundant resources of the earth. For example, stocks of natural resources in Russia is 300 times more abundant than in Europe. The fact that production of our country will continue, no one wakes up any doubts. For many, the question is when and at what pace.

Our charge statement and then immediately, every minute, every day, every hour. Decrease or increase economic indicators – this is in any case, a sign of progress. Looking at the rate of growth of wealth of any country, we see phases of development, decline or stagnation, but no matter what happens, the total trend – development. The task of the investor – do not miss this development by increasing their wealth, even in those moments when there is a decline or stagnation. Today, our economy has come step progress of corporations that are engaged extraction, processing and trade of natural gifts. It is absolutely normal for the situation in which Russia remains – the phase of developing capitalism.

Resources such as metallurgy, telecommunications, electricity, gas, oil – is driving force of the Russian economy at the moment. Years later, in the first place and will leave the company in engineering and light industry. That is, our economy will develop in the usual way to becoming any appreciable capitalist state. Will the country to overcome the problem? Certainly, no other way to happen, but even in such situations, the task is the economy of the investor – to keep up with economic development, holds the assets for investment by increasing their funds in any situation. It's entertaining, but why invest an ordinary citizen? That's the way life is, that money is better in the future to save, save, save. Everyone has needs: someone wants to get hold of the car, someone – a house or vacation home, planning to save some funds for the school their child in a better institution, and somebody cares what means exist in old age. And, of course, brought hope that the finances to address all suddenly fall down from the sky. What qualities should an investor have? Self-purchase of shares, as opposed to investment through the funds of the forces is not all. Apart from the necessary knowledge of the market for profitable operations from the depositor required knowledge and calculation. Exorbitant expansiveness, susceptibility to frequent changes of mood – Foes of any investor, regardless of the amount of money in his account. Quite often these enemies overpower common calculation and clarity. And because of their triumph is suffering not only balance but also the ambitions of a depositor. However, as mentioned earlier, most favorable to invest in stocks, bonds, funds nedvizhimostcherez best management companies in our country and the world.