The Client

Rather, they are persistent, than aggressive, and opposed to hostility, even if others do not want to cooperate. With the help of gestures you can set the right tone conversation. It is quite possible to learn to control his emotion, emotions, just as psychologically prepare for negotiations. Key points of conduct necessary for successful negotiations * Be flexible. Begin your negotiations with the installation of specific goals. Be prepared to change the rules of the game depending on your knowledge of the desires of the interlocutor.

* States clearly about your goals. Ask people to describe their wishes outcome of negotiations. This is crucial if you want to win. But the idea alone will not lead to implementation of your or their intentions. The victory in the negotiations – is when you and your opponent, by working together, discover methods to achieve, how your goals and objectives of the client (the opponent). * Concentrate on the causes, rather than on themselves positions. If you have a client with different opinions, find out why these differences. If you think so – then there is a reason why you made that decision.

* Look for alternatives. Concentrate on the creative creation of alternative solutions, ideas and opportunities that best correspond to the objectives of both parties. One head – well, while two – better. * Take your time. Do not respond to pressure or urgency of making hasty decisions. Make pause to give yourself time to think about the future of your actions. As a person involved in the negotiations, you should know that the view of other people on the importance of the issues may be different from your own. All people see things differently. Understanding how much your partner appreciates every position, will allow you to effectively respond. Strange but true: in personal relations negotiation is the key to long, stable, the interesting relationship (checked in practice!). In NLP, created a lot of models of efficient influence on the interlocutor, to successful negotiations is essential knowledge, understanding and application of skills of NLP. So models and techniques of NLP are used in training the negotiations are very active and fruitful. Respect your partner – Learn techniques of successful negotiation.