With increasing flow of light output and lower prices for the LEDs, the use of solid-state light sources is beginning to spread to the general lighting, where the ubiquitous incandescent lamp. LED indicator lights SCR designed to replace standard incandescent lamps, lighting fixtures in automation systems, regulation and control. LED lamps have the following advantages over bulbs: – long life, from various sources indicate different – from a half to 10 years (or 10 000 to 100 000 hours) – low power consumption, its value as a different and depends on the type of lamp – resistance to vibration and mechanical shock, trouble-free operation in various climatic conditions, at temperatures from – 60 to +60 C – LED lamps are manufactured at any voltage, respectively, there is no need to install additional ballast resistor – LED emits in a narrow part of the spectrum, has a 'pure color', which is important in light design. Disadvantages of LED lamps: – high price – limit the scope, in some cases impossible to replace incandescent lamps with LED. A series of tubes SCR (LED lamp komutatornye) and LPO (semiconductor lighting lamps) replaces incandescent lamp used in railway transport. Incandescent bulbs are inferior in terms of reliability cvetodiodnym indicator lamps sql, since in the indicator lamps are used as light source, light-emitting diodes. SCR LED lamps are designed to beztsokolnye panel mounting without the cartridge. Co., Ltd. MasTek carries out wholesale deliveries of LED lamps, watch assortment.