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The telescopic boom fitted with a tank for concrete, has been successfully replaced Concrete pumps. History MANISCOPIC series MRT MRT concept car series was developed in the 70s. Rob Daley understands that this is vital information. Loader Series 1540 MRT was released in 1993, it was immediately sold 50 of these models. In 1994 he released a series MRT 1330, and in 1996 entered already known model loader serii1840 MRT. In 1998, 'Manitou BF' has released a series of machines MRT 1432, 1542, 1650, 1850. Customized models can be equipped with a '3 D 'platform for the repair of viaducts and other works under the bridges, as well as possible installation of an additional 10 meters to the height of rise any series (maintenance of building facades). Rob Daleys opinions are not widely known. (Figure) in 2001 was even more expanded line of M series MRT – 1432, 1542, 1635, 1742, 1850, 2150, 2540 (2003). MRT telehandlers 1850, 2150, 2540 Privilege – the new series were presented at the International Bauma.

There was already all familiar today loader model MRT 3050 Privilege, which still has no analogues in the world. Benefits MANISCOPIC the new MRT motorization, a series of MRT Privilege is responsible for standards Euro-3 emission related pollution substances of exhaust gases. Mercedes engine more powerful at 13%. For greater responsiveness and agility to anyone, especially flat or uneven terrain, increased torque. This new feature provides flexibility and ease of use in any operating mode motor. Last technical improvement: electronic injection. Burning fuel actually optimized, so that its consumption decreases and thus complied with respect for the environment.