It has a mono-color and patterns with sequins, decorations with granite, decor for lighting, contemporary colors. Corian countertop is very popular today Corian countertops to use – high-tech material that is based on an acrylic resin, mineral filler and pigment. Corian countertop is not inferior materials from natural stone. She is strong, durable and highly resistant to chemical attack, non-toxic. Although the cost of this material goes no lower and sometimes higher than the cost of natural marble or solid wood. Natural stone has long been used in decoration. Natural stone countertops are beautiful and only carry a charge of natural energy and heat. Natural stone countertops are durable, strong, however, require constant care and attention.

Dirt, spilled wine and tea can leave stains on the surface, and, if time does not remove them – your countertop will be hopelessly ruined. Previously, most often used for countertops granite. Granite countertop – beautiful, strong, durable, and easy to operate. Natural granite is not afraid of mechanical damage and high temperatures. He is impervious to acids and alkalis, thermostable. However, by itself is too heavy granite material, so setting granite countertops – this is a very laborious process. Marble Marble is a second commonly used material.

Its properties are similar to granite. Marble table top has a variety of colors and very flameproof, but is porous, so it often formed spots of grease and wine. This table top has a major drawback: the marble is too soft and not very resistant to acids, as well as prone to wear and chipping. In this regard, do not recommend using marble countertops, as a working surface. Marble and granite are sensitive to acids, are brittle, can crack not only on impact, but also on spilled boiling water. However, special formulations are designed to protect the surface from both mechanical damage and from chemical attack. Natural stone – a natural material, therefore, despite its shortcomings, it is preferable to artificial substitutes. Recently popular are the countertops made of glass. For the manufacture of tabletops using toughened or laminated glass. Glass to choose from – a clear, tinted, frosted, patterned. The advantages of such a table-top – a modern look and become part of the interior style of Hi-tech, high-temperature strength, a variety of options for colors and design. Of drawbacks – it will always remain cool to the touch. Drop heavy objects on a tabletop is not recommended – from the consequences: a distinctive sound, and possibly crack. Repair of such countertops are not subject. Thus, laminate, chipboard and artificial stone materials available from most of its value. However, there are more expensive material that is not less interesting, but also good to use, although they have their advantages and disadvantages. At full or partial use of materials, refer to the site.