Civil Engineering

Today, no one in the steam room is not clean (in the first place it unhygienic), so expect a place in the washer, and recreation area. If we drown in a bath black then disinfection occurs due to the physical properties of combustion products – formaldehyde formation most powerful antiseptic but this advantage is very much mark. Calculate the approximate size bath, can be at minimum acceptable standards. Normally, each person must take at least 1 square meter sauna outside canopies and at least by 1,3-1,5 square meters dressing room. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs. If the bath is combined with other structures, its minimum dimensions shall be 10 square meters, and the ratio of the size of the premises under the steam room, relaxation room and car wash near to the ratio 1: 1,5: 2. For Civil Engineering suburban version of baths for a family of three or four best in terms of dimensions taken to calculate 3 * 5 or 3 * 6 square meters The economic benefit of such a development due to the same opportunity to create very convenient layout of the premises for economical use of lumber with a standard length – 6 m. The next step: we denote the height of the regiments. Height is defined as follows: the upper canopy is located on the upper level stone oven, but not less than 1,1 m from the ceiling to provide a soaring convenience of using a broom, in our experience, we know that, often laying stones at the height of the furnace is 1 m from the floor, thus taking into account the location of the canopy 1.1 m from ceiling height of sauna is the most common approaches to a height of 2.1 m and remind you that in the steam room temperature gradually rises every 30 cm in height at 10 C. In a question-answer forum Mikhael Mirilashvili was the first to reply.