North Americans

And that these impressions, declare, are located in the brain reptile. Rapaille it commented in in one it interviews for Frontline (PBS), 15 of December of 2003. " When you learn a word, whatever, " coffee, " " love, " " mother, " there is always one first time. There is one first time to learn a thing. The first time that includes/understands the meaning, its brain creates a stamp, a mental image of the meaning of that word, creates a mental connection that will continue using all their life Then each word has a mental way. I call a code, an unconscious code in his mente". " He is absolutely crucial for any person who works in communication or journalist, TV, means or marketing if it wants to attract the attention of people, must understand what I denominate the key button of the reptile (the button reptilian hot). If he does not have that button, then he will have to see them with cortex and to work with attributes like the price and things of the sort ".

A stands out, that level of the lmbico brain we acted and we reacted according to our earlier experiences. These learned landlords are based on our experiences, positive as as much negative. The emotions are key to learn. The more hard it is the emotion, the more clearly is learned. The cultural codes pay attention during the first childhood and are very difficult to change. Reference in the writing becomes, that for example, Procter & Gamble asked to him that it discovered the North American cultural archetype for the coffee. Rapaille discovered that the North Americans did not identify themselves with the taste of the coffee, in fact cover with sugar and cream. The early experiences of the North Americans with the coffee are related to the aroma of the coffee that their parents drank in the kitchen while they followed windbreaks in the bed.