Product Function

Nowadays, it has been stopped seeing the process of labelling of a product like a requirement of the same to become partly fundamental of this one within its evolution. It does not concern the style, size or final color S.A. of accounts is fulfilled the function to transmit the information necessary for the client on the product to sell and its origin, as well as the elements that were used for their manufacture. Some times some precautions and recommendations are also included. Different types from labels for each product exist.

One of them is the one of mark, which fulfills the function to distinguish, as to his it says it name, the mark of this one. It can be part of the product or adhered to the same, the important thing it is that he is visible easily. The applicators of labels also work with those of descriptive type, which transmit important information on the product, as well as with which they are called of degree by his function to indicate the quality of the same. Each of them fulfills a function in specific, is why it is not necessary to only choose one of them, since together they reunite to important information for the client or consumer.