The Product

When is bronzed acquires a very dark color and usually there is no erythema. Fototipo 6: They are people who have the color of the black skin, like the color of its hair. They do not have freckles and bronzed his he is totally black. They will not either have solar erythema after one first exhibition. Once we know what fototipo corresponds will be easier to determine the indices of protection UVB and GRAPE to us that we needed. This index must go noticeable in all the products commercialized like solar protectors. It is common that we find two types of abbreviations to indicate the protection index: IP (assigned for Europe) and SPF (assigned for America).

But, we know in what is based east index of solar protection? The solar index of protection is the relation that exists between two types of skins: a prote’ge’e and the other no. This relation comes expressed with the abbreviations DEM that are the minimum eritematgena dose, that is to say, the time that it must pass the skin exhibited so that it appears the erythema. The relation, therefore, will be this way: DEM with fotoprotector/DEM without fotoprotector= IP or SPF. For example, 150 minutos/10 minutes = 15. The IP of the product would be 15.

However, it is important to bring back to consciousness to the people on the term " protector solar". The protection is not permanent. This IP to only indicates us that if the person takes 10 minutes in developing the erythema after the exhibition, if the product is applied will be prote’ge’e more 15 times in the time (150 minutes), and so once the person has finalized that time is unprotected and the solar erythema will become cash. The general conclusion to all this is that the IP is a multiplication factor of the time of natural protection that offers our own skin to us.