Productivity Management

The scenarios of this show companies that are characterized by their competitiveness, innovation, creativity expressed in their products that are guaranteed for their quality, and satisfy the demands of consumer needs. To achieve these results, management must know how to direct its human resources efficiently, so that each individual in the organization that fully identified with its responsibilities, functions to provide a conducive to productive performance team, the objectives , plans. Management to be vigilant if the work performed is adequate to achieve the productivity rates down, the manifestation of a true quality assurance, that the staff is fully qualified according to modern requirements that achieves a performance efficient, effective. You must have well defined workbooks according to the abilities, skills, knowledge, the present application, provide all necessary assistance worker on behalf of their performance, trained If necessary, properly handle the talent of staff so as not to waste human capital we have.

There must be a participative management, entrepreneur, strategist, motivator, capable of achieving a successful integration of members of the organization, productive work teams, fully support the administrative language, modern techniques, all that this requires, order to make way for a favorable outcome. It must involve the workers in decision making, motivation towards that happened to their creativity, innovation, skills, proposals, models, methods that foster productivity. The management, especially the SMEs, particularly in the case of Venezuela, should know how to handle the reality of work, what it demands, according to technological development, innovations, production processes, skills, abilities and knowledge.