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The creation of the Federacy of the Associations of Recycling of the Rio Grande Do Sul (FARRGS), in 1999, is another example of agglutinant action of this activity. Unhappyly, exactly with all this organization and mobilization, the recicladores earn around less of one regional minimum wage, being far from representing a worthy life. We have conscience of the critical situation that we are facing in the country and the world, mainly in social and ambient terms? Saints (2003, p.92) say that ‘ ‘ We are divided, broken up. We know it way, but not accurately where we are in jornada’ ‘. The moment arrives to find the direction that leads in them for the survival. 5 CONCLUSION After analyzes carried through is perceived how much we are moored and without many alternatives for referring more concrete solutions to the social inaqualities. The poor poor persons are each time and living without no dignity for all parts of the world. How he will be daqui for front? When following the steps that the humanity gave until the moment, we will be able to foresee the future? We will be able to revert the social and ambient problems? A thing in them seems certain, the recycling appears as solution.

The work in the recycling, that exactly still informal and without the which had recognition, in such a way provides to a new hope for the planet Land in constant destruction, as for the people in misery state. We are front to our planet, in all its exuberncia, including all the existing beings, and in this look we visualize signals of inaqualities and destruction. This work, unhappyly, is finished without a solution and conclusion for the problems argued here. Very still it needs to be thought, to be reflected, to be changed, analyzed and mainly, materialize. He is one here I appeal to all for the urgent brainstorming to solve the problem of the social inaquality and the ambient destruction. 6 REFERENCES OAK, Isabel Cristina Moura.

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