Ready For A Break?

Our world provides plenty of opportunities for you, waiting to be discovered. Not only about stress and to talk, but to take their own recovery as the career and the success, so seriously it takes some courage and above all a new look at their own lives. But courage is reasonable: many only sacrifice their health to make money to sacrifice much money to become healthy again. The health receives to confess, in time for a life change of mindfulness and slowing down. The awareness of a new time quality is more less often. A useful and important knowledge is to expose inner impeller. The question is essential after the own goal in life and thus also the own life style. Leads the own style at all to own wishes, or we live alien determined and have left to indemnify us of consumerism? These are not esoteric chats, but the first steps back to the own and original ideas of life.

Companion can help to find the best personal way. You go so not alone but with professional guidance. Together with the cooling off period you determine your personal impeller Agency and learn in a beyond Riposo personality test which small or large break opportunities fit exactly to your personality and your needs. Only a few available options, which can lead to your deceleration are gold prospecting in the Thuringian forest, travel with the circus or meditation at Zen Monastery. We will gladly advise you and guide you on your way to a more relaxed life. Contact: Sajda of Rodelheimer Highway 37-39 60487 Frankfurt Tel: 069-77075526