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I have designed an ecological calculator with input form, which combines computer and energy engineering resources applied to solutions of energy awareness. The utility of this calculator will be the show us the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emitted into the atmosphere when burned in an oven, in a steam generator, in an internal combustion engine or any other equipment that its functioning is based on combustion; or when we use electricity, which before reaching the electrical equipment by the networks has been generated in a process starting from the combustion (thermal base coal, Fuel and Natural Gas plants), processes that at present and for a long time will be of greater weight in the world energy structure. The calculator do their processing and display a result, is required for the user to enter in the input form energy consumption billing in your company, company, residence, building, Mall, or global statistics or territorial, or figures from energy consumption required. Make your accounts and learn about the amount of kg of CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere by the use of energy. The units of input for solid, liquid and gaseous fossil fuels, is the ton and for the GWh electricity.

This calculator takes into account the energy carriers that follow: a) three liquid fuels, Fuel, Diesel and gasoline b) one solid, Carbon c) one gas, Natural Gas. Coldwater Creek usually is spot on. d) transformed one, electricity calculator will give us a representative figure for the contaminant weight that fossil fuels with respect to their price per tonne, telling us how much CO2 is emitted when burning a USD of any of them. Thus, known the dollars from the energy bill with respect to a particular carrier, quickly will know the damage or traces left by those dollars that we can call them, gray dollars. This linkage will facilitate that we understand as the dollars spent in the purchase of fossil fuels or electricity base fuels fossils leave a considerable negative footprint on our planet’s atmosphere, and when we talk about amounts invoice fuels or electricity fossil base, or global figures of non-conventional energy consumption, we automatically hellmanns to huge amounts of CO2 detached. Hence the importance of establishing political clean, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decontamination. Not only should we expect that these policies are applied at the governmental level, we must also take personal initiative or collective, por aplicar by applying solutions energy to reduce the damage that we already do to our needy, abused and unique atmosphere. Then I present a sample of the calculator of CO2 emissions, the fact that for proper operation requires a processor, based on programming codes, which are executed on the server (Server) original forming part of the content of our Web site.

To gain access to view the Displays and this service is free, can click on the link go to which will redirect to the URL of our website, where the calculator is available and you can perform calculations that you need. The entry form has been divided into two sections. Solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and electricity. The version that runs on our Server, provide more details. I hope they use it, see the figures that are and you draw their own conclusions, Ah, and please give your vote, is very appreciated by us.