Spanish System

Automated translation is the Professional alternative to human translators. and rapid economic Language barriers between countries remains an obstacle for many topics of communication, trade and interaction between people and countries. So far to translate a short text were only two options: using an automatic translator that may be suitable for minor texts but not for a major commercial communication because they are inaccurate and contain errors or use a traditional translation agency. The latter is the more reliable but for short texts is somewhat expensive and mostly slow. Now there is an alternative. It has launched a new web portal for the Spanish market that allows short translations quickly and cost advantage of a wide network of translators distributed around the world. The system is very simple. After signing up, the client paste the text into a text field and the system automatically calculates the number of words (up 400). Then state the language you want the translation and the time (3, 6 or 24 hours).

The system assigns the translation to an appropriate translator available. These translators have been tested and have been approved translation to perform translations in their native language. After the translation, the customer will be notified by email with a link to the translated text in the portal. The portal is available for private individuals or small businesses who want a translation only to public bodies or corporations who want to hire more translations to a lower price.