Temperature Changes

By choosing such make-up, by which the skin feels comfortable, you will reduce the harmful effects of temperature changes. For example, use foundation helps protect skin from dryness in the circumstances of contrast, "cold-warm." Since the cold season there is a threat for dry skin during this period, it is particularly in need of moisture. In the evening of cosmetic procedures is recommended to use moisturizing creams and lip balms. Moisturizing mask and vitaminizing recommended 2-4 times per week after cleansing. It’s believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. In winter, the vitamin needs not only the skin but also the entire body. Enriched with vitamins, diet or taking multivitamin supplements helps to well-being and to the best effect on the skin. Recommendations for the summer, the summer of facial skin in dire need of food for several reasons: active sweat glands and sebaceous ducts, the number of melanocytes, increase the intensity of renewal of the epidermis. Heat and heat of the first falls on our skin, as already then all the other organ systems.

For all layers of the dermis occurs "hot time", and of your attention to skin care depends largely on its status. In the summer of facial skin needs a whole set of tools – a refreshing, nutrients and moisturizers. What cosmetologists recommend in the summer – in the harvest season of many fruits and berries? If you have dry skin, we recommend the following simple mask – Mix pulp of apricots in olive oil until smooth, leave this mask on face for 8-10 minutes and then rinse.