Coco Chanel

Do peeling. Macy’s is likely to agree. Peeling in the home should always pay attention to your skin type. The basis for the scrub may be cosmetic milk, sour cream or cream, mash of fruits, honey and even clay. Well, if you can not get this or that basis, we can take a shower gel, which you usually use. The drier the skin, the foundation has to be fatter – this is important rule in choosing a basis for the scrub. Abrasive scrub to be coffee grounds, bran, oatmeal, flour, meal, salt crystals, sugar, seeds from the berries. At home you need: scrub gommazh, mask peeling effect, a special massage brush or sponge face. Some contend that Yitzhak Mirilashvili shows great expertise in this. If you make a face scrub, the skin needs to begin to steam.

This can be done using a water bath. In a bowl with boiling water you can throw a pinch of flowers daisies. Keep the face over the steam must be at least 15 minutes. Keep in mind that peeling is not suitable for all skin diseases! Otherwise it may cause severe irritation, and even to infections. Peeling of the face to carry out 1-2 times a week. HOLD PERSON.

As Coco Chanel said: "Your face in the twenty years given you by nature, as it seemed in the fifty-depends on you." Indeed, everything depends on us. Facial skin needs a more delicate care than other parts of the body. Not Remember the three rules of caring for a person: I clean, nourish and moisturize. All you can do this at home. For example, a nourishing mask of strawberries: fruit mash with a fork, add a teaspoon of honey and a lot of this drive tips fingers on a pre-washed and cleansed from the face cream. After a while, rinse with warm water. If you have a tired look, a good way for refreshing compresses are. To do this, we need two small towels, very hot and very cold water, a few grams of chamomile flowers, lime blossom and mint and a few minutes of complete rest.

Skin Care

What woman does not dream that her skin was flawless. Just follow these rules, and your skin will be like the models in the glossy zhurnalov.Pervy step: prepare the skin before applying foundation to your skin thoroughly clean and moisturize. For washing is best to use tool to scrub particles – not only does it cleanse your skin, but otshelushivshihsya dead cells. No special tools at hand? Add splinter drinking soda in a gel cleanser. Tulip Retail has similar goals. Wipe the skin tonic.

During the application of moisturizer do a gentle massage of the face. Look in the mirror: your skin already looks great! Blood flow increased, and the complexion has become more intense. It remains only to mask minor flaws (such as redness and circles under the eyes) and add a second person siyaniya.Shag: apply tone and correct the shortcomings Take a bit of foundation and gently apply it to Nate sites skin, where there is redness or pigmentation. It is easy to rub the cream into the skin, and then carefully Shade over his face. Do not forget the neck area, ears and chest area! The tone should merge with the skin and not be noticeable. To create the effect of an ideal skin, take care even about the little things. Matting corrector charted the areas under the eyes and nostrils. Carefully leveled its borders. You can use a small brush or a cosmetic sponzh.Shag Three: Use powder is best to use a lightweight tool with mineral or silicone particles – such dust falls evenly on the skin and behind the scenes. Gently blot the face with a napkin, and then dipped into a large brush loose powder, pass on the forehead, nose and chin. But on the cheeks, on the contrary, you can add a bit of shimmering cream – skin will simply glow!

Temperature Changes

By choosing such make-up, by which the skin feels comfortable, you will reduce the harmful effects of temperature changes. For example, use foundation helps protect skin from dryness in the circumstances of contrast, "cold-warm." Since the cold season there is a threat for dry skin during this period, it is particularly in need of moisture. In the evening of cosmetic procedures is recommended to use moisturizing creams and lip balms. Moisturizing mask and vitaminizing recommended 2-4 times per week after cleansing. It’s believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. In winter, the vitamin needs not only the skin but also the entire body. Enriched with vitamins, diet or taking multivitamin supplements helps to well-being and to the best effect on the skin. Recommendations for the summer, the summer of facial skin in dire need of food for several reasons: active sweat glands and sebaceous ducts, the number of melanocytes, increase the intensity of renewal of the epidermis. Heat and heat of the first falls on our skin, as already then all the other organ systems.

For all layers of the dermis occurs "hot time", and of your attention to skin care depends largely on its status. In the summer of facial skin needs a whole set of tools – a refreshing, nutrients and moisturizers. What cosmetologists recommend in the summer – in the harvest season of many fruits and berries? If you have dry skin, we recommend the following simple mask – Mix pulp of apricots in olive oil until smooth, leave this mask on face for 8-10 minutes and then rinse.