Legendary Traders

The time has come, and it is for each of us must come, when the island becomes a question: what to do next? But is it worth doing at all? How do I find my place in the future, maintaining its achievements over the years, the horizons? Search begins, and for some painful – not all given at once, not all at once brings spiritual satisfaction, and most of that profit. I found my place – it is trading on financial markets, bringing not only material and spiritual satisfaction. If a business is the flight, financial independence, wealth, combined with personal freedom, then trading – it's aerobatics. What is trading on financial markets? What is FOREX? About This much has been written, but one of the books on this subject I particularly remember. Originally introduced to the profession trader Curtis Faith in the book 'The Way of turtles: from dilletantov in legendanye traders' book is unique in its content and style of presentation. It will help in the selection and development of one of the most prestigious professions – financial trader, a profession that you can open a new future. Recommend that you read, you will not regret.

This is the first book written by member of the legendary experiment in trading. For the first time sets out details of what and how to teach beginners the initiator of the experiment, Richard Dennis – "Prince of the Pit" as it was dubbed in exchange circles. You will learn to which markets to trade Turtles, what tactics the input and output are used for what trends to follow, how to calculate risks, what restrictions were required to comply with and why some turtles have failed, while others made millions. And most importantly – why the practical experience of trading in the past or his absence did not play any role in this. Useful reading for both experienced and for beginners. Fascinating reading for all curious. Acquainted with the contents of the book you can download it for free links: Enjoy your reading and enjoyment of all your desires!

Major Currencies

We are pleased to have these once again with a webinar taught by Ideasforex, on this occasion Carlos will be teaching us to identify the different types of gaps that occur in the market and determine their meaning For those interested in learning about how to identify Gaps can enter this link to. Greetings to all and hope Date: Thursday December 11, 2008, 7:15 AM CDT The FOREXpros.com daily analysis Copyright 2008, Core Financial Group, Inc.. and Jason Alan Jankovsky All Rights Reserved. Night view Asia / Europe The dollar was lower The operating volumes were low The stock market was firm The day's events All times EASTERN (-5 GMT) USD Trade Balance 8:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. USD Unemployment Claims 8:30 a.m. USD Import Prices m / m 10:35 a.m. USD Natural Gas Storage For Friday times EASTERN (-5 GMT) 8:30 a.m.

USD Core Retail Sales m / m 8:30 a.m. USD PPI m / m 8 : 30am USD Retail Sales m / m 8:30 a.m. USD Core PPI m / m 9:55 a.m. UOM USD Consumer Sentiment 9:55 a.m. Preliminary Inflationary Expectations USD UOM Preliminary 10:00 a.m. USD Business Inventories m / m The greenback was under pressure in the morning, and reached new lows during the night. At the beginning of the session in New York, the greenback reached lows against most currencies, in what was a technical trade. In the EURO were observed active bids, New York recorded highs in the 1.3232 area, and the lowest in the Asian session in the 1.3000 area.