Health Issues

The discarding of these contaminated dressings must be made in way consistent, with the local regulation. Conclusion the functions of the skin, amongst others, are of protection of the organism against invasion of patgenos; maintenance of the body temperature; control of the loss of liquids and electrolytes. The skin constitutes a protective barrier that, when injured, it becomes the vulnerable organism the external aggressions and organic descompensaes. Therefore, they are of basic importance that is used all the possible resources for the maintenance of the integrity cutaneous-mucosa. The pressure ulcers constitute problematic a social one and of health; they represent one of the biggest challenges for the nursing, requiring of these professionals, beyond scientific knowledge, much sensitivity and felt of comment with regard to the maintenance of the integrity of the skin of the patients under its cares, mainly of that they present greater deficit risk to tegumentar in reason of the long permanence in the same position, caused for acute or chronic patologias of different etiologies, as neurological injuries or any another comprometimento that determines permanence drawn out in the stream bed or chair of wheels. The boarding in these cases must be multiprofessional, therefore the envolvement of the team to only interdisciplinar can contribute for its prevention and treatment. The nursing professional must be endowed with knowledge scientific technician of the physiology and etiology of the ulcers for pressure, of the characteristics of the wound, for identification of real and potential problems, with better planning of the assistance and implementation and lapsing of educative, preventive and therapeutical cares. Read more from Heat Exchanger Equipment to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Promoting thus one better quality of the nursing assistance, improving the quality of life of the patient preventing secondary problems as infections, internments, amongst others and guaranteeing it the right the health. References ATKINSON, Leslie D. People such as Daniel Lubetzky would likely agree. and MURRAY, Mary E. Beddings of nursing. Ed. Guanabara Kooagan S.A, 1989.

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Health Considerations

Amongst it they are the suppression of diarrias associates with intestinais infections; reduction of the risk of osteoporose, therefore the inulina favors the setting of calcium, increasing the ssea mass; reduction of the risk obesidade and to develop diabetes of type 2; neutralization of toxic products and reduction of the frequency of cancer of coln; stimulation of the immunity and protection of the device urogenital.’ ‘ (RENHE et al., 2008, P. 121). According to Dionzio et al., apud Renhe et al. (2008, P. Euronet Worldwide Inc. is actively involved in the matter.

120), ‘ ‘ the main sources of prebiticos are some absorvveis sugars or not, peptic staple fibres, proteins, alcohol of sugars and oligossacardeos.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The probiticos are cultures of microorganisms livings creature capable to promote the balance of the intestinal flora, exerting effect for the health of the man, when managed in amounts adequadas.’ ‘ (RENHE, et al., 2008, P. 120). Angel (2004, P. 148) affirms that the probiticos are alimentary supplements that contain beneficial bifidobactrias or bacteria for the improvement of the intestinal rocking through the settling of the intestine for other species, of the control of the cholesterol, the diarrias and the reduction of the risk of the development of the cancer. They have the function to stimulate the imunolgico system and to modify the mechanism microbiano.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The balanced combination of prebiticos and probiticos with characteristic of function of the two groups sounds called foods simbiticos.’ ‘ (ANGEL, 2004, P. 148). 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES To each day, science have shown the importance of the feeding through discoveries of substantiate gifts in the foods, that not they are nutrient, but they present some benefits the health. Foods that contain significant levels of active components biological that they bring benefits the health beyond the basic nutrition, are the functional foods..

Way Health

So that the measures of health are really efficient are necessary to understand the magnitude of factors that influence the man until it arrives at the oldness, that is, to establish relations between life habits and the way that the fence same before the senescncia. Made this, it will be more easy to establish the priorities that surround the aging process and thus will be able to be scrumbled and even though to prevent certain complications that finish for spoiling the quality of life of the aged one (PAVARINI, 2005). ' ' The exclusion is an impediment, a barrier, a border elaborated socially in relations of being able, that they divide the groups, of form in such a way to establish hiatos in the objective conditions of life or ways of life as in as subject the exactly historically situated perception of itself, in a Been determined society and one in if that they agree to rights and if they compactuam with exclusions (FALEIROS, 2006). The impact of an illness in the quality of life of an individual or a population is of great importance to guide the distribution of the applied public money in health, as well as providing subsidies for the election of goals of politics publishes condizentes with the current vision on health. Diabetes mellitus is very common a chronic illness in the aged one.

An important problem of health is considered, a time that frequently is associated the complications that with promise the productivity, supervened of the patients and the quality of life of these (OAK, 2008). The evaluation and quality of life aged its on the effect of numerous factors, between them the preconceptions of the proper professionals and the aged ones in relation to the oldness. The aged one must have active participation in the evaluation of what she is better and more significant for it, therefore the standard of quality of each life is a highly personal phenomenon. imini Superfast.

Rockefeller Foundation

The decade of 1920 is the period that if characterizes, in the sphere of the health, for the joint action of the states Brazilian and North American, the National Department of Sade Pblica (DNSP) and the Rockefeller Foundation (5, 3). The DNSP was composed, already at the time, for the divisions of Tuberculosis, Venereal diseases and Infantile Hygiene, in which forty and four young ones enabled as visitadoras nurses for a course of twelve theoretical readings. Ethel Parsons, responsible for the coordination of the Service of Sanitary Nursing of the Rockefeller Foundation, described these young in one of its reports as ' ' women who came from an ignorant classroom and did not have any practical training of nursing, even so expected of them a nature work profissional' ' (5). The creation of a school and delimitation of a field of practical professional had constituted prerequisite the necessary ones so that the visitadores of health (5), that they were lay, without formal organization and control were removed of the public scene, regulating thus the nursing as strategical profession in the sanitary organization of the city. Additional information is available at Hikmet Ersek. The concern with the protection to infancy and the maternity, in formal terms, date of 1921, when, for occasion of the reorganization of the health services, the government assumed the responsibility to act in the infantile hygiene, but in 1975 it only is that if they introduce measured concrete to articulate the attendance of the health of the woman and the child in the three spheres of the power public? federal, state and municipal (7). The professionalization of the nursing in Brazil counted on the support of the direction of the DNSP, but she was necessary to gain the confidence of its departments and the population. From now on the concern in tracing a line is born of action that characterized the visitadores distinguished and them from the nursing professionals. .

Brazil Sanitary

Over all to know to dimensionar what it is risk, as to minimize and as not to expose itself. So that this occurs is necessary to the preparation of the professionals of health to act interacting with professionals of other areas, in way to extend and to integrate its knowledge, allowing the boarding of the individual as a whole. To this if together the knowledge of that the primary prevention must in such a way be stimulated under the economic aspect, biological and sanitary. More information is housed here: Governor Cuomo. It fits to stand out that superior education in health fulfills partially its paper in the formation of guided professionals stops to work with the SUS and for the compromised SUS not even with the social control. Historically in Brazil, the referring actions to the individual health have deserved more attention of what those referring ones to the collective health. Perhaps the actions of the Sanitary Monitoring are one of practical the collective ones more neglected for the health politics. With insufficient teams, without access the training and updates, submitted the low wages, physical and moral exposition the conflicts of financial interests and politicians, aggressions, amongst as much other problems.

Unhappyly, the sanitary monitoring is only remembered in cases of national repercussion and with great I appeal the media and as practical capable not to promote the protection and improvement of the quality of life and health of the population. The movement for the municipalizao of the actions of health in few experiences incorporated the actions of monitoring in its programming. In a great number of cities actions are executed by the State, in many distant cases of the municipal reality. The sanitary monitoring must be part of the planning of the programmatical actions of health and acquire priority politics. Thus, the sanitary monitoring will have to be understood as component of the integral attention to the health with practical of promotion and prevention of risks and a strong educative instrument in health, that is basic for the improvement of its effectiveness.

Depression In Aged

Introduction: The increase of the longevity in Brazil brings obtains innumerable benesses, however the risk of physical, social and mental problems, in this case in special, the depression. Objective: The objective of this study were to identify to the prevalence and causes (or factors of risk) for depression in aged and raising the possible interventions to multidiscipline to be adopted in aged that already they are gotten depressed. Method: The adopted methodology was the revision of descriptive literature of materials published in last the 10 years on the thematic one. Results: the results had evidenced that the prevalence of depression in aged is high, that the risk factors are multiple, including physical and financial lack of leisure, solitude, limitations. The interventions most traditional are the medicamentosas, followed of the psycotherapy, alternative therapies (or complementary) and of the interpersonal relationship. Conclusions: pontua that the depression is a serious mental disease at any point of the vital cycle, in special in the oldness. The causal factors of risk or are multiple and vary each aged one in accordance with.

Finally, the medicamentoso treatment is extremely important for specific cases, however it fits to the team to multidiscipline in health to use of other resources to take care of of aged with depression, improving its quality of life and preventing returns. Word-key: Health of the Aged one. Depression. Team to multidiscipline of health