Wooden House

Do not want to spoil the interior of a wooden house clumsy wiring, improper electroaccessories. At the same time, security, and demands snip impose significant restrictions on the ability of a covert Posting in the wooden walls. How to make invisible wiring, lighting, beautiful, and the whole system – convenient and safe? Open wiring. The easiest way to run wiring open – to dissolve the wires on the walls. Perhaps check out Cedars Sinai for more information. In some cases, you can use the cable channels (boxes) of non-combustible material, but most of them refuse to aesthetic reasons. Often make the wiring 'antique' – fixing a wire on porcelain insulators. Picking the proper series of wiring accessories (eg, Berker '1930 '), you can turn a utilitarian task of routing the wires in a stylish design element. According to jonathan friedland, who has experience with these questions. Concealed wiring in a wooden house.

Wiring in the ceiling allowed to perform in the tubes from self-extinguishing plastic, provided that the cable and the pipe is not the mechanical action. In the general case, concealed wiring must be done in metal pipes or metal hose, grounded on both sides of each line hoses. Log house is subject to 'shrink', so the logs do not have to provide mechanical action on the padded metal hose and cable in a cable through the walls are made through metal casings. So, if you do not want to use external wiring and minimize the length of the costly and complicated wiring in metal hose, you need special solutions. One of them is to use the control on radio bus – then the wiring to the ceiling light, for example, carried out in nadpotolochnom space, and stand-alone switches on the battery are placed in any convenient location.

Pledtex Curtains

I am a director of the Camp. Material part of our camp includes more than 700 beds, each of which must be fully equipped with quality bed linen. Good supplier curtains for us – a great success. If you would like to know more then you should visit Rob Daley. This year we have acquired a very good match curtains wholesale. It is clear that a large number of children brats able to quickly bring into disrepair, even the most durable foundations, but we are very happy with the party. This is a great curtain, do not lose their appearance after washing, do not require careful maintenance, so wash all the curtains can not supply more than once in three shifts, which is very convenient. Directly from store covered, we have a simple but very hardwearing product. In the camp life can be different: children can lose something, something to break, but few if they have any imagination? Counselors this year came up with to arrange the curtains of our tents right on the street, one squad dressed up in them for an evening program: had children, became a tribe of Indians As head of dol, I want to thank Pledtex, as easy to use and reliable supplier of curtains. Irina V. Troezorova, Director of the dol Vympel

Comprehensive List Of Building Materials

To date, a list of materials unusually large and diverse. However, there is in this list, without which unable to do any construction, combining, and landscaping. Let us briefly on these species. Sand – is unthinkable without which no construction. Construction sand distinguished on river sand, quarry, quartz and sandy soil. Different sands all its purity and size fractions. For individual papers preparing washed sand – cleared a career.

Also sand differs by region and site-specific production. Crushed granite – a material obtained by crushing rock to a very small grains. Used as a filler concrete, in the arrangement of pillows under the foundation and as the road surface. Crushed stone varies in size fractions, color. Known in the building rubble gravel – a natural material. Screenings of crushed granite can also be used for decorative purposes – bank filling paths (instead of asphalt), construction of small garden and yard areas.

Screenings also used as a filler in the manufacture of concrete products: borders, panels, tiles. Screenings are widely used as antigololedny reagent. leca – artificial material, obtained by annealing the special clay, clean. leca – excellent material for thermal insulation of ceilings and walls, lightweight, easy to use. leca is a spongy balls irregular shapes of various sizes from 5 to 20 mm, supplied in bulk and in bags. On the basis of expanded clay and expanded clay blocks are produced, Expanded clay sand, gravel and expanded clay, etc. Building blocks have a very wide range of applications, and depending on that differ in size, raw materials, technical indicators. Widely known blocks silicate, light concrete blocks, concrete, foundation, etc. The building blocks are made with low water absorption, have high thermal insulation, cold resistance, sound insulation. Working with the building blocks of proceeds most rapidly due to their large dimensions. Soil – one of the necessary materials at the final stage of construction. Primer prepared based on the upper part of the fertile soil with added fertilizer. Often have to make ground on the basis of peat-sand mixture. Such soil has all the necessary parameters. Peat can be used for beautification and landscaping through its entering into the topsoil. At the same time greatly improves the peat soil: it increases the porosity reduces the density increases vlogoemkost. In addition, peat helps to reduce the accumulation of harmful substances in plants, such as nitrates and heavy metals. Peat used to reinforce soil. Contents of house territories during winter is closely related to the need to use reagents. The most famous agent is a technical salt. Less commonly used sand or special chemicals. Salt and salt-sand mix well "work" at a temperature of -30 degrees. Salt has its advantages over other agents – it cost is much lower than the dropout rate and granite chips, but these reagents can be used at any air temperature.