The Coaching Espresso

The rapid emergency measure for a clear head the 30-minute individual coaching is the small helper for in between, when an important decision, a situation is acute or no longer is easy at the moment. There is a first Outlook on possible solutions and frees head for new perspectives and room for manoeuvre. The coaching is short, focused and very effectively simply like a good Italian espresso”espresso, like. (FH) Nina Valeskini. The Kurzcoaching focuses on one aspect in life and looking for concrete solutions. It is intended as a rapid intervention, to alleviate stress and to come back on their own creativity.” A lot can happen in 30 minutes! Often, a small impulse to habitual patterns of thought sufficient to break through and to realize that the solution is close. The coaching espresso helps you to consider situations from different angles and are again able to act in a short time. The coaching espresso can by prior arrangement – in the Premises used by triskinity, via Skype or telephone..

Early Christmas Gift For Needy People

Ratiodata donates 5,000 to Marienhaus Foundation in Neuwied, Munster, 27 November 2013. The traditional Christmas donation of belonging to the GAD group Ratiodata solutions & Services GmbH this year goes to the Marienhaus Foundation in Neuwied. Here people in difficult life situations on various way qualified assistance and caring support experience. On 25 November 2013, Klemens Baumgartel, Managing Director of Ratiodata, the Volks – and Raiffeisenbank Neuwied-Linz presented a symbolic cheque of 5,000 euros to the CEO of SR. M. basina Kloos. Bank Executive and member of the Ratiodata Board Franz-Jurgen was laugh. With their year’s Christmas gift, the Ratiodata supports the Marienhaus Foundation in Neuwied. Please visit Road tankers if you seek more information.

For us, it’s a solid tradition to give Christmas gifts for customers and business partners. Instead, we support social initiatives. the amount provided for the purpose “, says Klemens Baumgartel. 2013 the decision that was made Marienhaus Foundation in Neuwied, advocating for disabled or disadvantaged people. It is our traditional commitment, current job and a real concern to accompany people in different life situations and to assist them”so SR. M.

basina Kloos. In different ways we want to feel troubled people in need that they are not alone. Helping charity has many facets. While we keep in our actions always the whole person in mind and are guided in by a Christian humanism.” About the Marienhaus Foundation: The Foundation was founded in 2011 headquartered in Neuwied. The origins of the young Foundation date back to the middle of the 19th century. With the Marienhaus the Sisters of the Congregation of the Waldbreitbacher Franciscans of the most Blessed Virgin Mary of the angels (FBMVA) have decided Foundation to carry the legacy of the Blessed Founder mother Rosa in a new future. More information: about the Ratiodata GmbH: Ratiodata IT solutions & Services GmbH is a company of the GAD group. It belongs to the big system vendors and IT service providers in Germany with approximately 400 employees and a turnover of EUR 102 million. Professional services in the fields of IT-Systemhaus, scanning & document service, HR systems & services and special solutions are part of the performance.


Four lawyers have joined the name bird & partners in the technology park in Karlsruhe under names to a firm. Quick and competent advice in all aspects of IT law, this is the credo of the newly founded law firm Bird & partners. Karlsruhe, recognisable on the selected seat in the technology park the target group: medium-sized and large IT companies, who need proven expertise for their often specific legal issues. The lawyers are mainly specialized in IT law and have other priorities in the areas of healthcare, copyright and intellectual property law as well as labour and company law. The team around Prof.

Dr. Rupert Vogel overwhelmingly comes from the firm known also nationally for their expertise in the IT law Bartsch and partner, which is dissolved June 2011. The firm range mobile apps and agile project management classic software copyright and privacy legal issues to the full compliance of IT and telecommunications. The firm advises mainly medium-sized Companies of the IT, media, and healthcare. In Franco-german legal relations she cooperated with the renowned law firm Alexandre Levy, Kahn from Strasbourg and questions of patent law and the intellectual property law of software patents, Stuttgart specialized patent attorneys Hall.

Together with the law firm Bird & partner, the Germans also has Association for law and computer science (DGRI) E.v., whose managing director Prof. Dr. Vogel, now is their new home in the Karlsruhe technology park. Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel’s founding team is by Alexander Wiele, Uwe k. Schneider and Dr. Oliver Meyer-van Raay completes. Reach the firm Bird & partners, under the phone number: 0721 / 78 20 27 0 or at the following E-Mail address: info(a)vogel-partner.