International Day

Without freedom of the press, victims remain invisible / campaign launch protest action on 2 may in Berlin / date announcement with a protest at the Brandenburg Gate on May 2 (image date 11: 00) ROG shows what it means, if reporting is suppressed. It will be a cage installation that is: people in emergency situations, which have no face wehr-and unnamed victims. Remain corruption, abuse of Office, religious, ethnic or sexual persecution of people – many crimes in the dark, when no one gives the victims a face and a voice. In countries such as Mexico, Russia, Pakistan and Italy put reporters their lives on the line, when they make public grievances “, so ROG – Managing Director Elke Schafter. Without freedom of the press remain victims invisible.

“: the theme concerns all of us.” If journalists not to report, a free opinion-forming is no longer possible, there is no peaceful exchange of interests, no stable democratic society can emerge. Politics and society have committed equally for its high freedom of the press”, ROG calls to the international press freedom day. Learn more about the new campaign to the 15-year anniversary and download options below:../kampagne-15-jahre-rog.html photos of ROG action at the Brandenburg Gate on May 2, 13:00, published under.