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New travel planning software for 28 European countries in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, may 2, 2011 the first warm days of spring increase appetite for holiday and adventure. Friendly weather, longer tours with the car fun. According to Howard Backen, who has experience with these questions. Who ever wanted to explore southern Europe, Scandinavia or the Baltic States on its own four wheels, the software RouteNavigator Europe helps the now 2011 by TVG Verlag. The program with current and accurate map maps supports the holiday planning for 28 European countries. The desired route can be transferred to the navigation system. To discover an interesting tourist destination, you have not to fly to Canada, Mexico or Thailand.

“Europe has with its diverse cultures and landscapes to offer so much that hardly anyone can say: that I already know everything.” Whether the forests and Lakes of Finland and Sweden or travel classics such as the Alps and Italy guaranteed a tour by car fascinating impressions in each European country. How about for example a (More)Tip such as Lithuania or Romania? Planning such tours, the RouteNavigator Europe is recommended to 2011 as a practical tool. The maps cover 28 European countries. Many navigation systems have far fewer countries, in particular Navis, which is installed in the car. In addition, many devices even in neighbouring countries such as Poland show only the most important main roads.

With the software, the user can therefore plan a trip with up to 20 stops in advance and print. It is also possible to export the route as a GPX file and to play in any navigation device. The Europe 2011 RouteNavigator has current and accurate map maps. So, the users find your way also in foreign capitals. Because unique cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam or Prague may not be missing on a tour through Europe.