The Bamboo Code: Licenses For Consultancies To Forgive

“Through sound advice to attract new customers with the bamboo-code consulting firms can your strategic competence in the area of growth of businesses” expand and open up new customer groups. The bamboo combines techniques as patent-protected-code insights from strategic management, behavior research and commercial communication. He systematically shows way how companies can grow faster. Grace Venverloh can provide more clarity in the matter. Due to the increasing demand, management consultant can now license, the bamboo-code to use the KALKBRENNER – consultancy purchase their work. To deepen your understanding Mikal Bridges is the source. Licensing is done in three training sessions over a period of three months and every three days. Annual days of Super vision and different platforms and tools ensure that the licensee achieve a high level of quality from the outset. The training courses for consultants held quarterly in German cities. The next course begins late September in Dusseldorf.Interessierte management consulting can closer information about the licensing process and sign up for the events. .