Business Communication

Documents from SAP ERP by mail send to the Institute for Business Informatics of the Leibniz University of Hanover around six billion invoices in the classic post shipped in Germany. Mailing costs money the documents by mail instead of sending e-mail is time-consuming and expensive: the documents must printed, are folded, envelopes, the envelopes sealed and stamped. The postage for a standard letter is currently 58 cents. The cost of consumable items such as stationery, envelopes and toner to be added. Also going to the post office is to take into account.

Faster, more economical and easier business communication via E-mail – runs no matter what industry. The E-Mail in terms of cost and speed is superior to the fax. m/s/s mail Center for SAP – that time – and cost-saving solution to many companies that use SAP ERP, customers, prospects, suppliers and partners to business communication to necessary SAP documents still in paper form. But why not SAP ERP to use to deliver business mail email? Easier said than done, because ERP standard offers a convenient tool of SAP for email traffic. So, the standard has deficits on important issues such as receiver determination, mail processing, management of file attachments and email design.

Companies that want to use SAP ERP and send SAP documents quickly and efficiently via email, need an IT solution, which seamlessly into the SAP system is involved, can be flexibly adapted to the respective business process and with the emails directly into the ERP back-end creates, edits and sent be can. GmbH meets these and still more the m/s/s mail center of munich enterprise software. The Add-On was developed on the basis of ABAP using ABAP Objects as an object-oriented extension and can ERP be embedded without making any changes and release safely in SAP. Outlook is bound using the OLE technology (object linking and embedding) via an own button in the user interface. The solution provides a integrated IT support for emailing of various business documents directly from SAP ERP and shortens the communication channels to customers, prospects and partners. The Add-On is easy to use and adapt flexibly to the different needs in terms of mail design of sales, purchasing or shipping. Faster ROI by using the E-Mail dispatch of documents from SAP ERP to SAP customers save time and money. The munich enterprise software GmbH offers the SAP Add-On “m/e/s mail center” for this purpose, the appropriate tool. Also the ROI can be seen: as far more than just shipping costs be saved through the use of the solution, whose introduction in many cases pays for itself in less than a year.