Domestic Economy

To be but precise, it continues it taking. And in our human, enthusiastic and by all means fallible opinion, it seems to us that those expectations, could take to great frustrations in the future immediate, as they are already doing it in our present. It has already been verified as the socialist utopia of the total industrial use finished. The group of the Seven (G.7), in his last meeting had like main point of his agenda unemployment. That is to say, that in the present and at least in the medium term, the market economy does not assure the total industrial use either. On this assumption it is that we understand that the implantation of the market economy, whose supposed we share, must be complemented inescapably, with alternative modalities, like that one of the Domestic Economy, today much more viable that long ago, by the exponential development of science and the technology, and by mainly by the qualification levels which the granted educative system to the present Argentine generations, which puts in capacity and aptitude to apply the fruits of the technological scientific development.

And here, emphasis has to become in the concept of " Apropiada&quot technology;. Since all technology is not applicable to the Domestic Economy. An suitable diffusion of appropriate technologies for the Domestic Economy, has as reference frame a model of society signed by the creativity, the decentralization and the creativity. DOMESTIC ECONOMY, SOCIAL PREVENTION APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT By Alfredo Lawyer Arming Aguirre IIda. and It completes part In order to make viable so