Geothermal Energy Has Been Established

Description of a new heat source system there are over one hundred thousand larger or smaller geothermal plants. Every year, tens of thousands are added. But that doesn’t mean that we know everything. Always new applications discovera in the everyday use of the geothermal energy or encounter always neueAnsatze to improve our systems. Each technology entwickeltsich further. Anything else would be a step backwards. In all fields of geothermal energy in the depth and in the middle of the surface, generating electricity and for heating and Kuhlenwird use research, developed and improved. New development: GeoCollect -an Innovationeffektiver development of geothermal energy: convincing by low footprint for all brine heat pump ideal for renovations for highest efficiency simple mounting State of the art: usual heat sources for the use of geothermal energy by means of Warmepumpensind area collectors or geothermal probes.

In both application coming plastic pipes, i. d. R. polyethylene (PE), used by einemdurch the heat pump chilled water/antifreeze mixture through fins are, where it absorbs heat from the surrounding soil. While a flat-plate collector the PE pipes be laid flat, they open up the Tiefenbohrung(en) geo heat near-surface Earth probes.

Area collectors are required relatively large areas. The specific power (10 to 30 W / m) is also highly dependent on the existing floor conditions. That is the Erschliessungvon Earth probes due to the necessary drilling significantly teurerals for area collectors and needs of also a geological monitoring by the competent authority. Earth probes have a medium-sized power 55 W / m. There are also compact absorber on the market for a few years. They are offered by the diversenWarmepumpenherstellern. Compact absorbers are modifizierteHeizmatten, as known from wall heaters here. So konntendie necessary areas while reduced are problematic are but fragility of capillaries with regard to obstructions and mechanischenBeschadigungen during installation work. Also existierennoch special shapes, such as dome heat exchangers, energy baskets and geothermal probe fields.